Skyrim: 20 Things It's Missing

OXM UK: "Why Elder Scrolls 5 is the GOTY candidate that doesn't quite have everything."

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rabidpancakeburglar2660d ago

I loved jumping to raise agility, I jumped everywhere

RedDead2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I liked it too, but to be honest, after a few hours I won't miss it. It's really just a bonus. could jump a few hundred meters. Useful for getting to point B and was cool jumping from hilltop to hill top. Still though, it did shorten the experience alot. And levitation was just cheating.

I'm gonna miss those forks though :(

dirigiblebill2660d ago

They haven't confirmed the absence of forks. Don't give up hope.

turgore2660d ago

Finding forks in animals was very odd.

MaxXAttaxX2659d ago

I'm not disappointed by the armor thing as much as the no dragon riding thing. I think that would've been such and obvious element in the game :(

k2d2659d ago

The ridding of finding gold on wild animals I agree with, but forks? Animals love forks too!

Legion2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

What is so unusual about the forks in animals stomaches?

SwampCroc2659d ago

Paintbrush glitch... they float in the air and you can just stand on top of them. and keep on climbing.. I loved that in Oblivion.

Epedemic2659d ago

I'm sure the modding community can bring all that stuff into the game if they wanted, especially dragon riding.

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nopunctuation2660d ago

Most of those things will probably be in the full game.

AlienLion2659d ago

There is no way in hell you can finish Oblivion in under an hour. I think the dude is talking about Morrowind. Oblivion's last boss is not an NPC in the gameworld. He'd kinda stick out, you know what I mean?

mcnablejr2659d ago

You could, several exploits allowed it to be done, search it.

2659d ago
AlienLion2656d ago


Uh, ok. With an exploit or a glitch, you can finish many games in under an hour. There could just as well be a way to glitch through Skyrim in several minutes. You cannot finish Oblivion in under an hour by taking legit shortcuts and the final skyscraper boss is sure as hell not an NPC in the gameworld, chilling in a wolfpelt somewhere. In Morrowind, the final boss is an npc that's there from the beginning and you can go straight for him.

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dirigiblebill2660d ago

I thought jumping to raise agility was fun, but it felt quite contrived after a while.

rabidpancakeburglar2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Yeah but the fun of it came back when you reached the point where you could leap from building to building like a steroid addled gazelle.

It was definitely something that got better as you could jump higher and further.

dirigiblebill2660d ago

Hmm, I guess I must have given up on jumping too early ;)

Tikicobra2660d ago

No forks in wolves? Pass.

Sam Fisher2660d ago

lol, there is still hope for the bowl

Kakihara2660d ago

I really don't like the fact that we can't mix and match apparel. One of the best things about Bethesda's games was taking a guy's hat as a trophy after you killed him and wearing it with your armor. I also don't like the fact that you don't choose a class at the beginning.

I'm not even too far into Oblivion at the moment but I chose a Breton who can turn invisible for 60 secs a day and I love feeling like I have this specific little superpower that I wouldn't have had if I'd have chosen differently.

MysticStrummer2660d ago

What you're talking about there is a race ability. There are still races to choose from at the start, they just took away the classes, like Spellsword, Scout, etc.

NukaCola2660d ago

You basically level up what you want as you go. If you want to be a warrior and shield, grab a shield and start stabbing, if you want to be barbarian, take up a double handed sword and start smashing. It levels you on what you use. I think that is pretty cool.

turgore2660d ago

Yeah no mixing and matching armour is a bummer.

Legion2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

What developers have failed to understand is that the manipulation of your style and characteristics of your player is the soul of RPGing.

I don't want to be forced into wearing Garanimals armor. I want to be able to put on my armor one peice at a time. And if I so choose to take off just my chest piece and run around like a barbarian with a battle axe. Or take off just my pants if it feels breezy that day.

wongway2659d ago

according to the article you'll still be able to choose the hat you're wearing, but the upper and lower pieces (torso and legs) are part of the same item.

CraigUK2660d ago

Diagonal Walking animation for 3rd person would be nice too.

Bonobo123452659d ago

God this is the thing that most annoyed me, when your
character glides across the landscape.

Will be nice to see the end of that era.

They need to add the 'feet stick to floor' code in ASAP

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