Hideo Kojima's Latest Announcement Isn't Quite What You'd Expect

Hideo Kojima is a worldwide renowed name. Father of the Metal Gear franchise, Kojima has created a string of top-notch games for years on end now, but his latest project isn't game related at all. No, instead Hideo is working on a unique radio drama known as Sdatcher.

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ares21al2660d ago

Kojima-San is a great dev hopefully his next title can rival The Metal Gear series, We Gamers really need something new these days instead of more rehashes of the same old Games......Except Twisted Metal I really want a new Twisted Metal;-)

pungello882660d ago

A radio drama? I thought those died out with the invention of the TV...

DanielComfort2660d ago

Holy poop, Snatcher is making a return. Except... not in game form. Color me rather disappointed.