Bethesda: We don't need to dumb down Skyrim

Hardcore games can still attract big audience, argues dev

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evrfighter2660d ago

they got a lot of flak for saying they wanted to make skyrim so that pretty much anyone could pickup a constroller and play.

What I find funny is how he considers CoD hardcore. Unless he meant CoD had the most hardcore fall from grace ever as it's the king of casual =\

Pintheshadows2660d ago

The Khajit model looks way better.

femshep2658d ago

have they shown the argonians yet?

i know they showed khajiit, orcs, and nords

what about the rest?

Pintheshadows2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I don't remember seeing an Argonian. A majority have been Nords. I can't remember seeing any elves either. Guessing they will all be improved though.

Nice to think they'll have different voices as well.

nickjkl2660d ago


who said you had too

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