All Game Characters Are Identical

360 Magazine: You know who we’re talking about. The kind of characters you wouldn’t be able to pick out from a line-up of one…

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Bonobo123452661d ago

LOL @ Rooney


Aysir2661d ago

Funny article. They missed Sev from Killzone who looks a lot like SOAP and Turok. Cole from Infamous too. Gerenic characters all round :D
Oh and the Male Shepard is based on a human as well - same way as Starkiller. Doesn't make him any more original though.

MWong2661d ago

It's a hilarious article. Now I am going to start looking at all game characters to see a resemblence.

EditorAtGNG2661d ago

What was seen can never be unseen!

Chewy332661d ago

It's funny because Marcus finally takes off his bandanna in the leaked Gears of war 3 ending. He looks a lot different without it.