Mass Effect 3 Origin-exclusive content revealed

EA has announced that Origin will be the "exclusive source" for the PC Digital Deluxe version of Mass Effect 3, a special edition of BioWare's upcoming action-RPG that contains multiple items of exclusive in-game content.

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wicko2662d ago

This shit's getting lame EA

Spitfire_Riggz2662d ago

It makes me wonder if EA pushed Bioware to make this game more action oriented. I wonder if it would be different if it was still Microsoft exclusive

sonicsidewinder2662d ago

*burys head in hands*

They just dont get, it do they.

Pro_TactX2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

A little bit of exclusive content is not going to get me to switch from Steam to Origin. I will just play the game without it.

Also, making games exclusive to Origin will just mean that I won't buy it.

My friends are on Steam. I enjoy using Steam's community features. I like having my games in one list. I enjoy taking advantage of Steam sales. I like that Steam has a built-in voice chat system.

If you want me to play your game, put it on my favorite store. Period. I have over 200 games on my Steam account, so I have plenty of games to play to occupy my time. I won't feel like I am missing out if your game is not available to me where I want to purchase it.

I begrudgingly put up with Blizzard having their own download service, because it is Blizzard. I don't want to put up with it from every publisher out there however.

Deputydon2662d ago

Mass Effect 3 isn't going to be on Steam now.

Crysis 2 got pulled from Steam because Valve's Steam policies say that you can't have exclusive DLC on the PC platform.

If ME3 is going to have exclusive DLC through Origin, then Valve isn't ever going to put it up. It's probably why BF3 still isn't available to preorder on Steam when it normally would be by now.

But I imagine Valve will be changing this rule now that EA is in the Digital Download field. Steam will be around forever, but if they don't sell future EA games, they will be missing out on a lot of money.

Pro_TactX2662d ago

That is not entirely accurate. It is not a matter of exclusive DLC on Origin. It is just an exclusive edition. The regular edition of the game could still be sold on Steam and other digital vendors.

Also, BF3 not being available for preorder does not necessarily mean it won't be on Steam. EA could very likely be pulling another Alice.

Deputydon2662d ago

Crysis 2 didn't have an exclusive edition that I know of. But it has DLC only available via Gamespy's online service. That is why it was removed from Steam's servers. Valve doesn't want you to log into Crysis 2 and buy DLC through gamespy. So they took it off the store.

If EA does anything similar with ME3 and Origin, you can pretty much see why it won't be on steam. BF3 is interesting. Maybe Valve is still working out all the details which is why it's not up yet. But the DLC, as far as I know, is not exclusive to origin or anything. But normally by now, steam would have pre orders up.