Planetside 2 Info Blowout, Creative Director Reveals All

Planetside 2 has been announced officially with a trailer to go alongside it. Want to know more? Then you can either read the transcript below, or go for the 1 hour 38 minute mark video.

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Wizziokid2711d ago

I wonder if they will push this on PS3 also, could be interesting since I don't have the best gaming PC

Nicaragua2711d ago

Much as i love my PS3 i dont think its up to the task of running Planetside.

This isnt like MAG with squads spread out over different sides of a map, you can literally have thousands of people in the same place at the same time.

For the PS3 we have Dust 514 which looks awesome.

DirtyLary2711d ago

No way, did you listen to the guy explaining the new engine PS2 and EQN will use.

chak_2711d ago

Very very intereseting, I'm glad PS is back.

I wonder when they want to release it though

BeastlyRig2711d ago

lol no ps3 version from sony?

chak_2711d ago

So what, you don't have EQ2 either.

It's SOE, so if they want a PC mmo there it is