Why The Hate For Competitive Gaming?

Original Gamer: "The Kotaku article that took a jab at competitive gaming really threw me for a loop. No, it wasn’t what Kotaku's Jen Schiller wrote. If you listened to the Original Gamer Podcast episode featuring Jim Sterling and Ben Paddon, you would realize that I, along with many others don’t take Kotaku that seriously. What surprised me, and broke my heart a little, was that the biggest haters of the competitive gaming scene were other gamers."

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Soldierone2660d ago

I dont HATE competitive gaming, I just have no interest in it unless i'm apart of it. I don't like watching other people play video games, its boring to me. I rather play. If im stuck watching I usually find something else to do.

As for competitive gaming, I dont see why people hate it either. Its like sports, you gotta be interested in a team or something or else its boring as hell to watch. Personally I dont pay attention to it or really care to be in a majority of it simply because the games that thrive on them usually suck....why not have major tournements centered around more complex games? Instead of games that are easy to learn and be good at.

Also if the circuit was bigger and more availible to ALL gamers, more people would find an interest in it. If I could easily compete to be in it i would probably follow it more closely.

Spitfire_Riggz2660d ago

Its like golf tennis Nascar bowling. MOST people would rather play that sport than watch it

Rudy_loves_Akuma2660d ago

people hate cause they either give up too quickly or they suck

Spitfire_Riggz2660d ago

No because its boring as hell

thebudgetgamer2660d ago

it takes one article and turns it into a pandemic.

harlem_v12660d ago

It takes one article, even as minor as the Kotaku article was, to show the attitude of gamers. That's what's being addressed. Kotaku being uninformed dolts is not news or worth writing about.

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The story is too old to be commented.