Graphics are no longer a big deal, claims SCE UK boss: AI is the future for videogames - Maguire

The videogames industry is no longer focused on improving graphics, according to Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire, with attention now turning to artificial intelligence to make games more compelling.

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GamerX25867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )


TheMART5867d ago

And the fun thing is... Which console is actually optimized for AI with the hardware?

Right. XBOX 360

achira5866d ago

what bs are you talking ? the cell is in every aspect better than the xbox360 cpu by at least a margin of three.

bung tickler5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

achira... and your basis for this would be? oh yeah thats right you're talking out of your a$$ again. You would think you would at the very least have spent some time (like the year you've been waiting while I have been playing games) to research the strengths of your beloved PS3 enough to know that AI will not be one of them as compared to the 360 or other true multicore PC's. IDIOT!

as a side note.. anyone think its funny how now that the PS3 is about to launch and the games for it are NOT better graphically than the 360 like they said they would be that they are now trying to down play thier importance and instead say that they are focusing on other things...

P.S. achira and gametime are losers and I hope they both get thier PS3's so I can laugh to myself knowing that they basically flushed $200 extra down the sh!tter and had to wait a year to do so.

TheMART5866d ago

Achira, you must be one of the dumbest fanboys around. Your comment is almost too stupid to post a reaction on, but well, we'll try to learn you something

Even if the a so called 'core' on Cell would be comparable with one of the three simultanously working real 360 cores, one would need 3 x 3 (cores) = 9 to have a margin of at least three.

Now we all know that the Cell has 7 working ones, if they manage to get them at that level with a 10% to 20% yield. I bet every week after launch one core breaks down haha just joking in between

So 7 assymetric cores, competing with 3 simultanously real cores. It has been proven before: the actual performance differs almost nothing marginally seen. Especially not in games, while the 360 has the stronger GPU. And isn't it all about games and not about playing BR video's?

But I guess only a Freaking Fony Fanboy can make such a stupid comment what will make everyone see you are actually 10 years old

Islandkiwi5867d ago

I agree with what he's saying, I think graphics at this point are fine and AI improvement wil make good games great...but his example of the Hard Rain clip makes no sense at all. That's not AI, that's scripted.

Marriot VP5866d ago

Well he's partially right, but graphics are still important. Fluid and fun gameplay is what makes games epic. But you still need the best graphics to immerse you.

Phil Harrison5866d ago

He does not represent our true vision for the PS£. I mean obviously we obviously made the Killzone CGI movie, I think that's what we want to get across. The Blu-ray is for Hi-Res textures and models, since HD DOESNT START UNTIL WE SAY SO. If you want "gameplay", go buy the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.