Raptr And PlayFire Comment On Expanding PSN/Twitter Integration

JB writes: "The PlayStation Network (PSN) is Sony’s online service infrastructure, built and operating to allow gamers the ability to play, share, and ultimately enhance their experience with gaming. PSN conversely on par with other social networks, aims down their sites concurrently and well steadied on one main target: to draw in a crowd of people to appeal on a broader spectrum of social society. Much like a book club, church, or a hobby shop does for its local community with events, social networks are the gateway to allow people to simply make conversation and meet new people.

Twitter in practice, follows the same business model as PSN, only which Twitter goes a step above and beyond and focuses only on society itself. Where gamers on PSN can still play games like they have since the old days of Atari (that is without the need for an online audience) and on occasion send messages to friends and squad mates, PSN ultimately falls on the step just below where Twitter stands...

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SpaceSquirrel2712d ago

It would be cool if PSN can support Raptr And PlayFire

trounbyfire2712d ago

how do these services work???

Hitman07692712d ago

I would like to see PlayFire adopt Twitter integration and get OFFICIAL integration from Sony. I think its just a matter of some one striking a good deal with them, I hope so anyway.

shadowknight2032712d ago

If you could set it up so that u could be notified whether on facebook or psn that a certain friend got a trophy u already had (just for the sake of not wanting him to get it, or something) would be pretty cool.