Ed Boon gone and slipped next Mortal Kombat game?

"Ed Boon was asked a question via twitter, if there will be possible story downloadable content. Boon gave the response “Story guys working on next game.”

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Pozzle2686d ago

Can't wait for the next MK game! I'm having a blast with MK9 and I'm so glad the series has been returned to its former glory.
I'm ok with it not being based on MK4 too, what with the new timeline and all. :)

DirtyLary2685d ago

I guess the proper response to this article is Duh. Of course they are working on a new game, MK9 is a huge success.

pain777pas2685d ago

Its the Vita adaptation of the game people. However, the newest game will be probably developed at the same time. Hope for innovative fatality inputs.

Wido2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

No spoilers here, but going from the ending of MK9. Its going to be interesting what they do to be honest, but I do get a hunch feeling that more characters from Deadly Alliance, Deception, Shaolin Monks to Armageddon, will surface into the game.

Wink, wink, cough, cough. I'll let you all decide for that matter. :D

maniacmayhem2685d ago

**Spoilers! Spoilers...*

Yea i finished the story mode im curious if there will be any returning characters since half of them died at the end.

Ser2686d ago

Oh, I'm sure there will be an MK10. But let's not forget that Boon loves to troll...especially on Twitter.

ivanjp18822686d ago

i love mk, ever since the 1st mk came out and i was 6 years of age, but i think it would make perfect sence that Mortal Kombat 10 be the final mortal kombat. i love what they did with mk9 and am affraid that they NRS will not be able to top bout this for a title.

Mortal Kombat

ivanjp18822686d ago

then right after that, they can do, mortal kombat x street fighter, and street fighter x mortal kombat.

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