Hideo Kojima Announces "Suda 51's Sdatcher"

Andriasang: The surprise announcement Hideo Kojima was teasing for the latest Hideradio podcast ended up being a surprise indeed! As reported at, Kojima announced Suda 51's Sdatcher, an original radio drama.

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TheLastGuardian20104232d ago

WHY Kojima? Why can't we get a effin' game instead!?!!?

Nate-Dog4232d ago

Because Kojima is a massive troll and has been for years.

worm254232d ago

'Video game killed the radio star'

Peaceful_Jelly4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

what is a radio drama? Are there any radio dramas on the US?

Whitefox7894231d ago

Its a pretty old way of entertainment though I know its still big in Japan with fighting games such as Guilty Gear and Blazblue (though these are more or less radio podcasts online others are CD's).

I'm pretty sure its not that big of a thing any more in the US. However there still some people who do it and actually air it on the radio along with the internet. Here's one that I always liked.

kraze074232d ago

Kojima announce ZOE3 already please!

Ser4232d ago

NOOOOOOOOO! I thought this was going to be some sort of new Snatcher title with Suda 51 involved. Oh, the disappointment!

RememberThe3574232d ago

Seriously... I just got done playing Shadow of the Damned and even though the controls and graphics suck the game was dope!

Redempteur4232d ago

that what everyone would think in this situation .
thank god i don't follow kojima podcast i would have been drived insane by now

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The story is too old to be commented.