IGN - Burnout Crash Isn't What You Expect

IGN - The name Burnout carries a lot of weight for arcade racing fans. The first time I ever played the series, I was floored when I obliterated my car and watched it crumple in slow motion. This destruction was prominently featured in Crash Mode, where speeding your car into traffic added to the overall destructive score in an extremely pleasing, chaotic fashion. Developer Criterion Games has switched gears on the series, stripped the iconic mode to its bare bones, changed the perspective, and is sending it to consoles this fall in downloadable form. Meet Burnout Crash.

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dragonyght4097d ago

lol its a top down arcade kineck game where you drivw air wheel and jump to make explosion nice going Criterion d(^_^d) the sequel we fan dream for

¬_¬ /s

FLOWCity4097d ago

What in the blue hell did I read?

Yi-Long4097d ago

... I wouldn't even play this if it would have been a free Flash-game.

They should just release Burnout 3 HD on XBLA/PSN instead.

Jio4097d ago


A burnout 3 remake with the new crash deformation system :)

Ares844097d ago

I'm sorry but this looks terrible. They should have made another Burnout by now. Paradise was amazing, I was hoping for another Burnout game like that but bigger and better.

nopunctuation4097d ago

Yeah im pretty disappointed. I thought this was a real sequel and not some DLC looking game. Paradise is still great but I got the platinum a long time ago and I want something new. No other racing game has had the same impact this generation for me.

Darkseeker4097d ago

Burnout 6 is in the work, but that's the only info we have, that it's in the work.

Guess it will take a long time to release, since until Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was released, Criterion was using most of their ressources on that game.

They probably just started to work on Burnout 6 after NFS HP was released.

Baka-akaB4097d ago

unlikely with NFS HP2 in the works

Darkseeker4097d ago

There is no sequel for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit in the work and even if there was, pretty sure Burnout 6 was announced before, so wouldn't change anything.

madpuppy4097d ago

Criterion can keep this festering pile of swine offal!! They must be addled! just an HD version of Burnout 3 would have sold better!

MaverickStar74097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

I thought it looked like Taffic Rush on my iphone, but its more of the opposite of that. Create an accident instead of avoid one.

iWishTifaWasReal4097d ago

they shouldve just named it CRASH
instead of Burnout Crash

that i can move one