Cnet Preview: Nintendo Wii U

Cnet: "We'd heard whispers that Nintendo would be aiming to appeal to the hardcore market while still retaining its mass of casual gaming fans, and we're totally flummoxed as to how it could achieve this."

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charmer2748d ago

i think the wiiu is system able to cater to any gamer.....nintendo just need to play the cards right and get the right game lineup to show all the gameplay possibilities and sounds like they are trying to

jacksheen00002748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Nintendo is doing everything right this time simply because they are listening to what gamers want. I guess its might be the reason why nintendo haven't provided us any specs or any complete descriptions of the Wii U capabilities; which I think is smart.Who knows Nintendo might be listening on the sideline reading all of our post just to gather all of our likes and dislikes to insure the Wii U meets our demands.