Cliff Bleszinski on Bringing Gears to PC: The Controls

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski talks about the PC version's controls:

"When we decided to bring the experience of Gears of War to the PC, we were ecstatic... and a little nervous. We were thrilled at the high level of visual quality we were going to be able to deliver on the platform. A one-two punch of remarkably detailed textures displayed at an ultra-crisp resolution is a no-brainer for gamers hungry for the visceral experience Gears provides. At the same time, we knew we had some work to do in order to keep the soul of the game intact on the PC, not only in the controls department but also in adding some great new content."

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Gamingisfornerds4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Unfortunately MS pushed Epic to release this game Q4 '06.

It was quite obvious, the visuals had been downgraded in comparison to the earlier footage shown. It still looks great, but it had some minor downgrades in terms of lighting and textures/AF.

Even sadder is the fact that the content had been cut-down for what they intentionally wanted to put in the 360 version. The Brumak (I believe it's called) was supposed to be in the 360 version I'm sure, but instead we only got to see him in a bloody cut-scene. Lame! Result was that the SP was incredibly short.

Ofcourse Epic and MS deny all this, but I'm convinced Epic had other plans initially.

TheXgamerLive4091d ago

Not that this game needs anything to push sales but GoW 2 will set possibly even bigger numbers than Halo 3.