12 ways to improve turn-based RPG combat systems

Exerpt: "In my last opinion piece, I provoked a certain subsection of the world of RPG enthusiasts by slaughtering a particularly sacred cow: the D&D-style combat system. A surprising number of people wrote in agreeing with me. Predictably, however, others responded in one of two ways: (1) “So you think a real-time, action-centered combat system is better?” or (2) “Name an RPG combat system that’s better!”

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newn4gguy2658d ago

Here's an idea...

Try real-time! :D

AfricanWoolf2658d ago

Dammit! Screw you sir.

I was all ready to make an ingenous, subtle, and yet oddly powerful joke about how Turn Based is Real Times retarded, pedophile elephantine step broster (half brother and half sister).

Now I can't make a joke.

newn4gguy2658d ago

I'm rather sorry about that. I understand your frustration. It's happened to me SO many times. I'd take it down, if I could. Bubbles...

Redempteur2658d ago

why all these ideas remind me of magna carta 1 ( for ps2 ) a game so complex it wasn't fun ?

AfricanWoolf2657d ago

Magnificent argument. Logical, intelligent, a thing of beauty really.


At least attempt to be funny if you're just going to troll.

Although this does kinda help my point that Turn Based is for humourless accountant types who get sexually aroused by a well organised spread sheet.

1PC2PS333602657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I love turn based when done right

Advance wars
Neverwinter nights (kind of a hybrid)
Heroes of Might and MAgic

good stuff, but you gotta be in the right mood for those games, usually after some good old fashoined spread-sheet porn!