3.5 Duke Nukem Forever

There is no doubt that the Duke Nukem Forever saga is a well known games industry comedy script. Even the developers poked fun at themselves by adopting the subtitle "Forever" and placing the setting of the game twelve years after the release of the last game.

But is it funny to release a game that was better not released or should have been delayed for another twelve years to bring it up to snuff? Playstation University is not laughing.

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Derekvinyard132687d ago

once again the game somewhat works, and any games deservs a small amount of credit for that never an F. i wonder what there review is for a game that is 100% broken and unplayable.

"And I’ll admit, it has its humorous moments"

still an F

psuni2686d ago

Its a fair point, but the reason for the failing grade is that the developer should know better. There were higher expectations on DNF because the last game was so good and this one was not. The gameplay itself was disjointed and not enjoyable. While the game is amusing at times, it was not fun.

Taking a franchise and putting out a bad product with its name slapped on it is also worth being failed to protect the consumer and to send a message to the publisher.

Finally, a broken and unplayable game would get a Fail and Incomplete mark which is worse than a Fail.