Sony: PS Vita our most dev-friendly platform yet

Sony has learned from its experience with the development-unfriendly PlayStation 3, and made the Vita as accessible as possible.

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slavish32659d ago ShowReplies(7)
THC CELL2659d ago

i hope they say the same about ps4, yet people are getting the best out of ps3 now

blumatt2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I have a feeling that Sony will simply continue using the Cell architecture so that devs. won't have to re-learn new hardware to develop for the PS4. The PS4 will likely have a 32 SPU Cell architecture with around 4GB of RAM and an upgraded graphics card (possibly still RSX, but maybe something new). The upgraded RAM will help out "lesser" developers like Activision to make pretty games without having to use the Cell. Bluray drives have come down in price significantly. They'll likely use a quad layer (100GB) BR disc and a 8X or higher read time. Using similar architecture with upgraded components (BR drive and RAM) will help keep the price down and make it easy to develop for.

If developers haven't figured out the Cell by the time the PS4 comes out, I'd say it's safe to say that they are lazy. lol That will have been nearly 8 years or so.

Also, another reason why they might continue using the Cell is because Sony bought back the factory that manufactures the Cell chips.

Backward Compatiblity with PS3 games will be a non-issue if they choose this route.

By doing what i just predicted, I can see Sony being able to sell the PS4 for $399, which would be very good for us gamers. The PS Vita is proof that Sony has learned its lesson about using developer unfriendly hardware and pricing their hardware too high.

SoulMisaki2659d ago

I have SO many PS3 games I want to keep playing next gen, and I don't want to have to keep my PS3 to play them.

(I could use the money from selling it to pay for the PS4.)

MaxXAttaxX2657d ago

Was it Sony or Naughty Dog that said that developer(first party) would be involved when the PS4 is created?

I heard something like that a while back.

Darth Stewie2659d ago

Great more games will come for the Vita whether it be in the form of a PSP mini/IOS app type game, PSN download games, and full fledged Vita games. Hopefully the PS4 is also dev friendly because this model will bring happiness to gamers and devs.

MasterCornholio2658d ago

Even some devs claim that the Vita is easier to make games for (and therefore cheaper) than the 3DS. I read in an interview once that 3D can cause quite a bit of hassel when developing games for the 3DS.

Anyways great to see that sony learn t a lot from the lazy devs in the market and hopefully we should see a lot of games from small studios on the Vita due to this.

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