Week recap: PS3 gain; Xbox 360 spur; Wii lead slim

Week in review. Stories include:

The PS3 80GB SKU was a top-seller this week at The SKU, which includes a copy of Motorstorm, was discounted in Oct. to $499.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 were up in the latest retail data prior to a price cut in Japan. The hardware ranked No. 6 in overall video game sales.

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 stayed behind Wii in the latest retail tally. The PS3 ranked as the No. 4 video game hardware in overall sales.

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gamesR4fun4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

you just cant stop it
Man its great to see them in action actually having to work for top spot this time. Everything is so much better with this gen of ps3 doubt we'd have has much to be happy about without all the competition.

Never thought nintendo would come out so strong but that Wii is great stuff and whats more its bringing in ton and tons of first time console buyers. The 360 has a ton of rock solid titles and if M$ had put a hd and better than dvd support in every box woulda been my 1st choice. Still glad they didnt has Sony built a far more reliable product in the end. I mean if I would of been a first gen user getting rrod I'd prob be in jail for punching B.G in the head. Still now that they got a fixed sku out its not a bad buy especially if your one of the few die hard console fps fan.

However the ps3 is the best buy you get way more out of a 40/g ps3 than you do an elite. Whats more all that great stuff is on every box so devs can make b/r games and know they have a hd to use... This of course pays off in the games has were seeing the gap widen with every ps3 exclusive then their throwing in a free online service thats gonna be revolutionary free (to play) mmo games in the works etc. This is why Im betting they will be first place in 08 if not this xmas.

lawman11084005d ago

"Were number 4! Were number 4!" hahahahahhahahahahaha

sabbath4204005d ago

the main focus of a game consle should be the games. and for now weather u like it or not the 360 has all the best games and a better frame rate no less.

Hagaf224005d ago

ps3 number 4 in hardware sales, 360 number 6= good news but 1 billion in losses... kinda sounds like the 360 too...

DrPirate4005d ago

NDP results should make for an interesting read when they come out on the 9th (or 10th I think?)

IntelligentAj4005d ago

This is great news but let me see some official figures though.

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The story is too old to be commented.