A Look Back: Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Mike Chen:

Once again, this is a fighting game, so the story is never really plays a crucial part in the game. The plots for each character are generally the same, if you're interested in knowing them, check my review for Street Fighter IV. I'll highlight the plots for the new characters, however. For Guy, the "Sneaker Ninja", his goal is to stop Shadowloo, world's largest crime syndicate (just like most of the characters in Super Street Fighter IV). I believe I forgot to mention Dan previously; he wants to spread his fighting style Sakiyo around the world. Cody just wants to fight people. Makoto also wants to spread her fighting style around the world (like Dan). Ibuki just wants to live her life like a normal teenager. Hakan wants to showcase the art of Turkish wrestling to the world. Juri is working for Seth, the boss of the game. Dudley wants to fight in the tournament. DeeJay just wants to have a good time. T. Hawk is fighting for his deceased wife. Finally, Adon wants to prove that he is stronger than Sagat, the Muay Thai King.

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