Off-screen Starhawk photos show jet bike vehicle and several environments

LightBox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe reveals several behind-the-scenes photos of Starhawk, showcasing the jet bike vehicle, armor designs and various environments.

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DaTruth2661d ago

One of the best things I remember about Warhawk was that when I came face to face with another guy, it was mano et mano(probably wrote this wrong) and if we both had a machinegun, neither of us was at a disadvantage!

But now I roll up on a guy that's level 52 and I'm level 3 and he has 30 boosters equipped... what do you think is gonna happen here?

I hope they use the same formula here, because this "no-life advantage" where the dude who can spend 100's of hours a week playing online games gets a more than experience & practice advantage, is really crappy! I play online games a lot less because of this!

BitbyDeath2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Dylan did write recently that Starhawk will be the same way.

"player skill is the most important factor in winning #Starhawk games -- not who has the "highest-level perk".

Gray-Fox-Type02661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I really do believe this is going to be the exclusive multiplayer game for the PS3 finally in the same vien as Halo for Xbox . Hope campaign is also good and not just a tutorial for multiplayer.

That is of course PS3 users support it...and not end up dead with small community like Warhawk...But i see it already...

95% PS3 players will be playing MW3 online. Sad but true.

jukins2661d ago

given the time frame in which warhawk launched and the state of psn at the time i think it did pretty well. and even now theres still the official servers and about 40 user made servers almost always full.

ToastyMcNibbles2661d ago

One thing you have to understand though is Warhawk is practically a 4 year old game now. I won't speak for everyone but I'm sure the majority of PS3 owners have moved on since then. I agree though it is sad that most PS3 owners only play Call of Duty online and miss out on all the other great multiplayer games the console has to offer.

THC CELL2661d ago

u no warhawk still geing played today right? cod is dead

BitbyDeath2661d ago

Warhawk still gets over 7,000 people a day.

Quite impressive for a 4 year old title.

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CaliGamer2661d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Have they confirmed the max player count yet?

The environments look sweet, def more detailed than Warhawk.

BitbyDeath2661d ago

They're going the same max number as last time (32).

I think that is a great number personally.
I never had any trouble finding people in Warhawk even though the maps were quite large.

MidnytRain2661d ago

And it's supposed to ship with over twenty maps. This game looks crazy.

CaliGamer2660d ago

20 maps? Like variations on 8 to 10 of the maps (i.e. Smaller to accomodate different modes of play and player counts?), or 20 unique maps?

theonlylolking2661d ago

I hope this game does not have PSN pass because I also cant wait for this game.

kza2661d ago

Will this release on PSN first like Warhawk?

BitbyDeath2661d ago

Nope, this one will be a Blu-ray only release.

SweatyFlorida2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Pretty sure its a full retail game (physical copy $60) Amazon has it up for pre-order. But doubt it will be downloadable...

Nitrowolf22661d ago

prob. at the same time, since back then the network wasn't as well established as it is today.

Liqvid2661d ago

9th pic on that gallery, look at the wall.
Is that PENIS written on the disk?? :P

SweatyFlorida2661d ago

Yes. Devs can be goofy(immature) too :)

MachoMoustachio2661d ago

Starhawk looks a great multiplayer game.

I hope single player is amazing too.

I hope they don't the campaign like Unreal Tournenment III.

Cutscene, team deathmatch, cutscene, capture the flag.

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