Nintendo’s Wii U, could Nintendo be in trouble?

Nintendo is trying to get ahead with the Wii U by releasing the console in 2012 before Sony and Microsoft release their next gen systems. Like the Dreamcast, the Wii U will straddle generations. The big question is will 3rd party developers stay with Nintendo once the other two systems come out? Will Nintendo have the support and robust online system that gamers crave? Will a touch screen controller be enough to make people interested in the system?

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Misterhbk2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

haven't read the article, but 2010?

nice fix ;)

now I've read it and solid article. I agree with a lot of the points being made here.

there comes a point when Nintendo has to step away from the gimmicks and focus on at least matching the basic functions of the other consoles. Things such as having no DVD player are just ridiculous if you ask me.

Nintendo needs to have a pretty good (at least) online system, and the basic functions that the PS4 and Next-Box are going to have if they want to compete to grab the hardcore market.

I don't see this having the same effect that motion controls had, especially considering that only one person can use it at a time. So in order to make up for that Nintendo needs to be able to at least keep up with Sony and Microsoft's next consoles, not just the current ones.

EYEamNUMBER12660d ago

nintendo is ALWAYS in trouble according to everyone before they release a new console always has been that way since before they released the SNES and that is a FACT

DeFFeR2660d ago

Well, they have a great install base, and seem to benefit from user loyalty, but you have to admit, their strategies from time to time make no sense at all.

Non-HD graphics in the HD era?

Releasing a "current-gen" at the tail end of the "current-gen" seems like a silly thing to do.

Clunky, complete-mess friend system for multiplayer? Just give us a username...

I'm not saying that their consoles suck - I've owned and enjoyed most of them... but they haven't been my primary console since SNES

I want good third party games as well as exclusives, and they just don't appear on recent Nintendo systems. And now with the WiiU, they seem to have the developers in their corner, but for how long? "Next gen" xbox and PS have to be in development, and can't be but a few years from release - leaving the WiiU with a ~2 year "even" platform with 360 and PS3.

Misterhbk2660d ago

the way you talk eyeamnumber1 seems as if you are hinting that Nintendo has always been doubted and has always triumphed. This is NOT the case. Nintendo 64 and GameCube say hello. Both were amazing systems that didn't 'win' their generation. Nintendo still needs to be on their game just like the other console makers.

EYEamNUMBER12660d ago

what way am i talking?
i just said a fact nothing more whenever nintendo is about release a new console everyone always starts saying nintendo is in trouble or lets not forget nintendo is doomed

the gamecube and the n64 didn't do all that great but even then they still didn't lose any money on them for nintendo to be doomed

Gray-Fox-Type02660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Zelda concept looked amazing. But however still not sold on Wii U. Even though the first party games will always be fantastic ( Super Mario , Zelda ) but the lack of online information, and the ability to play with others and basic features of other consoles available is really worrying. The E3 videos was full of gimmicky crap.

I seriously can't take this Wii U as a hardcore console. How on earth are people gnna play games like lets say Call Of Duty or Fighting games ( Fast Paced ) with that fat crap in your hand for a long period of time?

badz1492660d ago

price will be the deciding factor for the survival of Wii U. Although it doesn't seem like it's going to be cheap by the look of the controller alone. Plus if it's true that there won't be any dedicated online service like XBL & PSN, what is Ninty thinking?

kube002660d ago

Thanks for the comments and thanks for catching that date

bitboi2660d ago

it's funny how people are quick to label things as gimmicks yet have no problem with stuff like achievements and trophies. Which are arguably one of the biggest gimmicks in gaming right now. Yet no one cares that they are. There's people playing crappy ass games straight thru just to get achievements!

And some devs are using them just to keep people playing their games. Case in point, Crysis 2 has an achievement/trophy for playing the game 6 months after you've purchased the game...6 MONTHS!!! lol

Machioto2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Trophies/achievements are inconsequential to the overall game but having a heavy emphasis on a new controller that seems to segment the player from the game,(excludind motion,as I think there could be more progress with it.) That to me seems distracting than innovative unless it's like vita and ps3.

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charmer2660d ago

nintendo is in a great position with the wiiu with all the features it offers....if nintendo plays its hands right the wii will very successful

Neko_Mega2660d ago

Nintendo better have online gaming (Online that isn't like the Wii's), being able to download demo's and so on from their store.

But I don't think Nintendo should bring it out yet, but then again the Wii's line up seems pretty dead with nothing but Zelda.

Titanz2660d ago

And you can download Wiiware demos on the Wii Shop channel(Although limited).

Consumers who purchase Apple products, will be intrigued by the Wii U.The system is "easy to develop for", and the Next box and PS4, won't be colossal pieces of hardware that outclass the Wii U like the PS3 and Xbox 360 does the Wii(in terms of hardware).

In the end, it's all about "preference", and I believe the Wii U will be a preferable piece of gaming hardware that you(and the others who aren't on board) will enjoy in the future.

Ness-Psi2659d ago

someone said earlyer (either DICE or Vigil games?) it can do textured detail that the PS3 and 360 cant even handle. so the fidelity at least will have some legs.

Thoreau2659d ago

well obvious you had a sneek peak at the ps4/xbox720 so i guess i can take your word that the ps4 and xbox720 will only be somewhat better then the wiiu

zero_gamer2659d ago

There has been talk that Nintendo will have an open online platform. This means 3rd party will be able to maintain their own online infrastructure if they wish. This is similar to PC gaming in terms of online, so this should be good news that the WiiU will have an excellent social network.

VampiricDragon2660d ago

isnt this what they say every time?

JonahNL2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I simply do not understand the criticism the console has received so far. If anything, the Zelda HD techdemo shows that the Wii U will be very powerful, I dare say even much more powerful than the PS3. Also, let's keep in mind that Nintendo has also always been about gameplay, rather than graphics.

I'd rather have a console with amazing games and relatively 'outdated' graphics in 2013, because of the PS4 and next Xbox, than a monster console with a huge price tag and barely any games to support it.

Sure, we still have to see how the online capabilities turn out, but so far Reggie has said the platform will be open to all. This allows Steam and more to be allowed on it. That alone promises a lot and I look forward to the Wii U more than any other console in the past.

EDIT: Yeah, keep the disagrees coming. ;-)

Parapraxis2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I think the WiiU will have a hefty price tag. And when the next Playstation or MS console comes out probably less than a year later it will be severely under-powered.

And when the WiiU launches i'm not so sure why you think it's going to have such a substantial library.

jadnice2660d ago

Read what you just said.. first you bitch it will have a large price tag then in the same breath said the PS4 and XboxNext will be WAAAYYYYYYYY more powerful... Hmmmm dont you think it will be more expensive. Hello!!!

If you going to complain about something please make a valid point... or are you saying the more powerful PS4 and 360Next will somehow cost less... Provided they actually prove to be that much more powerful.

JonahNL2660d ago

EA has confirmed Battlefield 3 is possible on the Wii U. We already have Metro: Last Light, Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II and I'm pretty sure there's much more coming up. Ninty is giving third parties a more time to develop for the Wii U and it's those parties that decide whether the console is good or not. If the console is supposedly bad, why are third parties showing tons of support and praise so far?

zero_gamer2659d ago

I agree. Nintendo is giving gamers what they want. They all want a system for the core games. Nintendo addressed that by getting major publishers on board and making an open online platform (no other console does this). Guess what, they still call it a kiddie console. Say what you will, but I as a core gamer believe in this system.

Now excuse me while I make me a cup of coffee and relax while watching this post get a heaping mountain of disagrees! :)

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