Three ways to make Gamerscore matter

Megabits of Gaming writes: "Gamerscore is a pretty useless thing, really, when you think about it. What's it even for? So that got me thinking – could Gamerscore be put to better use than as a measuring stick to see how much money or time you’ve got? Here are our top three ideas..."

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BakedGoods2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Good ideas.

I personally like how Sony's "gamerscore" is a level-up system based on experience. I'd definitely like to see rewards for gamers who pass certain thresholds--ie. Level 10+ gets free avatar pack, or 50% any PSN game, etc.

Bojeeva2658d ago

I find Sony's system really weird and not so user friendly - it's not as easy to compare/see achievements as on the 360. And the number of trophies I have doesn't seem as "rewarding" as having a bigger score

BakedGoods2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You're right, it's harder to compare with friends (Sony's XMB is at times clunky and slow).

In contrast though, Gamerscore isn't an accurate reflection of skill, rather--like it was said--how many games you can buy.


Someone who plat's/1000's three games:

360: 3000 GS
PS3: Level 7

Someone who rents 10 games, gets a ton of easy achievements/trophies (equivalent to 3K GS) but doesn't plat/1000:

360: 3000 GS
PS3: Level 4

See, you can tell the PS3 gamer who plats has more skill. However the two 360 gamers look the same--even though the 1000'er is actually the better gamer.

In the PS3 world you can't just play a ton of games and look good. You have to plat games. In the 360 world you can just buy a bunch of games, play them on easy yet still pull off a good gamerscore.

So the fact that a GS looks more 'rewarding' is pure psychology (that is, "big numbers look cool"). The true measure of skill is actually in the PS3 trophy system.

Disccordia2658d ago

One thing Sony need to sort out next gen as well is the whole syncing thing. The 360 doesn't need to do it, I assume it does it in the background in real time.

I do feel Sony missed an opportunity when they implemented trophies. There was talk of rewards for levelling up and home integration but it never happened.

But I'd like to see both reworked for next gen. Reset scores but keep your old scores in your profile as a kind of legacy.

Tortilla2658d ago

Gamerscore is the best invention of this generation! Didn't bother me at all when I got the 360 but now I love that little ping. It's made me play so many of my games over and over, it's a great idea!!!!!!

Good ideas for improvements too, esp the free DLC

NoobJobz2658d ago

Gambling gamerscore? Get outta here. I don't mind getting rewards and such for gamerscore but gambling it? Nah.

kma2k2658d ago

i like the idea of free dollars for the store. Not a fan of the other ideas....comming from a confesed trophy whore. Level 14 almost 1800 trophies

psn screen name: anythingthatwill

jdktech20102658d ago

1) Announce SWTOR release date
2) Fully reveal BF3 Multiplayer
3) Fully reveal MW3 Multiplayer

Best gamescom in history for me.....just saying

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