John Carmack: 'Unquestionable' That Mobile Will Surpass Current Consoles

id Software's John Carmack has taken a greater and greater interest in mobile gaming over the last couple years, and the rate at which the hardware iterates in the smartphone and tablet space has allowed the technology to nearly catch up with consoles. In a recent interview with Carmack, IndustryGamers asked whether mobile could become so popular that it'll one day overtake traditional console gaming.

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Misterhbk2752d ago

notice he said 'current consoles'

next-gen will be here in full blast within the next 2-3 years so this will mean nothing.

scotchmouth2752d ago

You are correct good sir.

donniebaseball2752d ago

Yes, he said current consoles, but that's still quite an achievement. Think about it: something more powerful than PS3 in your pocket! AND, at the rate the tech improves on the mobile side, it could potentially surpass the next-gen at some point too.

trounbyfire2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

i have a question

what phone game looks better than UC:GA

answer is NONE, it took Sony to make a mobile device that finally surpassed PS2 level graphics after all this time. it took Sony to make a device that could do advance AA and other console style features

PSV looks REALL GREAT but it doesn't touch PS3 or 360 level graphics. so is the PSV is the closes mobile device to consoles and it doesn't touch current gen then why all the bs about mobile device being more powerful than consoles

will mobile devices get to current level one day the answer is yes but tv and console will be doing 4320p and mobile devices will still be behind doing 1080p

jony_dols2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Uncharted Golden Abyss looks graphically superior than most PS3 and Xbox 360 launch titles (King Kong, COD3, Motorstorm ect .) with the possible exception of Resistance.

Albiet it is at a smaller resolution, but it does at least come close to the graphical fidelity of the current gen consoles.

And you must remember that we have only seen the Alpha & Beta stages of the Vita's titles...which means the final retail versions will look even better.

Jocosta2752d ago

I am really hoping it doesn't take that long.

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Rainstorm812752d ago

I also doubt it because just look at Rage on consoles and mobile...... Yea Mr carmack not even least yet

iamtehpwn2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I think you guys are missing the point. Within 5 years we've went from solitare to Infinity Blade on Mobile. That's the point. iPhones already surpass the PS2/Xbox era in terms of graphics, and have some features of the current gen already.

So no, your phone isn't as a PS3 yet, but there aren't many games taking advantage of your phones rendering capabilities either in the way that infinity blade would.

trounbyfire2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

BS i haven't seen a 3d world on iphone that even touches ps2, infinity blade is largely static and again small screen hide the lack of power

" but there aren't many games taking advantage of your phones rendering capabilities either in the way that infinity blade would"

R U MAD, you missed the point mobile devices don't have the power after all this time, they said this crap pre iphone and it hasn't happened

tegra 3 really we have quad core mobile devices its called psv. tegra is bs just like calling 4G 100x faster than 3G, we know its not true

LOL i just watched a T3 video its like mid ps2 level

iamtehpwn2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

"infinity blade is largely static and again small screen hide the lack of power "

Try using UDK. I can export a lot of my PC assets directly over to iphone too. Perhaps u r mad now.

Rainstorm812752d ago

That video isnt Infinity Blade....Its the Epic Citadel "Tech Demo"

And that tech demo does not equal this

Dont get me wrong, it does show mobile's graphical evolution, but barely comparable to last gen and certainly not the current one.

iamtehpwn2752d ago

I know it's not infinity blade. It's 'Epic citadel'. He said that infinity blade was only achieved by being I showed him something that wasn't

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theonlylolking2752d ago

Another dumb remark by Carmack. He should take a good 5 year rest off programming and gaming so he can become smart like he used to be.

Kurylo3d2752d ago

If you know anything about the tegra processor line from nvidia.. ull know tegra 3 is coming before next year and thats a quad core processor capable of doing what a ps3 can do without a graphics card... not to mention the next tegra processors will literlaly be like 100x faster then the tegra 2 which is currently out. And thats not even an exageration. All of them are coming like every year or 2. They have like 4 of them.

So yea.. Carmack knows what hes talkn about. You should research some technology.

Kurylo3d2752d ago

Its called making your point.

zero_gamer2752d ago

"So yea.. Carmack knows what hes talkn about."


Pedobear Rocks2752d ago

Mobile is limited by size and battery life, consoles are not. can stuff what ever chip you want in a mobile the current gen console of that time will have the space to stuff MORE of them. will NEVER surpass consoles.

joeorc2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

"So yea.. Carmack knows what hes talkn about. You should research some technology."

you [email protected] right he get as bubble+

An for the people that just do not seem to still get it, they have not been paying attention to the mobile space. Good developers like carmack do. I mean people want to see what HandHeld Arm Core design GPU's are capable of. One Only has to look at What all these Mobile chipset companies like Nvidia with the Tegra line. an PowerVR, Adreno.etc,an for people that still do not get here is an example PowerVR 6 GPU capability in a Mobile phone or Tablet.


"Imagination Technologies unveils Series 6 PowerVR GPUs -- promises desktop caliber graphics in mobile devices (update)"

featuring a dual-core ARM Cortex- A15-based processor running up to 2.5 GHz breaking the 20k DMIPS barrier.

POWERVR Rogue GPU that delivers in excess of 210 GFLOPS.

350 million 'real' polygons per second and more than 5 gigapixels per second visible fill rate (which given POWERVR's deferred rendering architecture results in more than 13 gigapixels per second effective fill rate)

The Above can use Shader model 3 both the PS3 an the xbox360 also use shader model 3.

this is not like the Ngage people....! Ngage had no where near that real world performance let alone use shader model 3!!!!

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iamtehpwn2752d ago

I'm amused how some people on a comment section on N4G believe they are highly more intelligent in an area that someone has done professionally and contributed for many years.

Pedobear Rocks2752d ago

What was the last HARDWARE Carmack designed?

Halochampian2752d ago

@pedobear you think programmers dont know what they are working with?

That developers don't know the systems that they are working with?

Louis_Guzman2752d ago

Getting sick of this doucher. Hey Carmack, why not try making a game that isn't an Fps?

Kurylo3d2752d ago

why is he a doosh? He is the pioneer for all the game graphics technology that you so love to see in your favorite current gen titles. He is the man who introduces them all on paper and in practice before anyone else even bothers implementing them into a game.

Louis_Guzman2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

You spelled douche wrong. Btw, I don't care bro, especially coming from a Carmack cheerleader like yourself. Below: Carmacks been making the same crap game for years. Btw, ironic you calling out someone as a geek, a dude that hangs out on a site devoted to videogame rumors, that's rich, champ.

Kurylo3d2752d ago

Im sorry that im not up to your standards for internet chatting. Geek. I recognize Carmacks skill, you are just some kid whose still in school thinkn he knows it all.

deadpoole2752d ago

How many times do I have to repeat ...


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