MW3Blog: Spec Ops Teaser analyzed

CarlosX360 Writes: "On July 6th, Robert Bowling posted a teaser image of the new Spec Ops trailer that he said he would make. Over the last day now, he's been taking questions from the MW3 community, and he went and answered them all. I bring you up to speed on what is revealed, and I analyze the image as well. Enjoy."

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SpartanZero2662d ago

The trailer is gonna put BF3 to shame

JeffGUNZ2662d ago

Really? Every year COD keeps breaking sales records. I am sure it won't last forever, but if you think MW3 isn't going to dominate and rule PSN and LIVE this holiday season, then you are out of your mind!

SNEEKZ0NER2662d ago

I think spec ops mode is gonna be more than 2 players you can see Oscar Mike and your player and it says that your teammate is down so that's 3 players. Hopefully it is at least 4 players that'd be awesome.

mn212662d ago

it was already mentioned in an interview that it'll only be 2 players.

SNEEKZ0NER2661d ago

They also said they're always changing things on the multiplayer side so you never know it could always change.

Barajas_2012662d ago

i spent more time on spec ops then the campaign, it was just so fun to play with my bro, the new addition of survival will be a great hit, i hope this time around they add spec ops dlc and trophies