Call of Duty – will the hate ever amount to anything? by Brash Games

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "If we believe everything that we read, then there can be no doubt; everybody hates Call of Duty. There may be a few staunch supporters amongst the enraged online posse, but for the most part, hatred for Activision’s all conquering FPS seems to be one of the few arguments that will bring the online world together in unison".

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ATiElite2756d ago

Hell No!
cause Activision doesn't give a flying Phuck about why people Hate COD as long as sheeple keep buying it.

I just want more quality production outta of a title that sales 20 million copies each of the last 3 releases.

StanLee2756d ago

Why is anyone who enjoys Call of Duty sheep? The only place I see this kind of disdain for Call of Duty is on the internet. People genuinely love the game. Love the instant gratification and accessibility of the multiplayer and love that's it been mostly unchanged since Call of Duty 4. Who are the sheep, the people who love and enjoy Call of Duty or the douches on the internet bandwagon claiming it sucks?!

blackhammer2756d ago

The hate amounts to nothing unless the one who holds it takes action.

Me, I won't be buying the game. I ain't going to go any more drastic than that. Hope someone else does, though.

firemassacre2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

no millions will eat it up and call it the greatest game of all time. SAD BUT TRUE.

below, exactly, you could sell sh!t in a box and if millions bought it whats the incentive not to sell? its all about the moola.

Hicken2756d ago

As ATi said, since there will be millions who still buy it, the hate will mean nothing. Activision won't change anything the haters are complaining about, because so many people will be willing to overlook those problems.

It's a damn shame, because the games REALLY need to be changed. But there's no motivation for Activision to change the franchise, so why would they?

gypsygib2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Funny that people think COD is the most hated game when it's obviously the most loved.

People on forums and sites like N4G reflect the minuscule minority opinion of gamers and the market. We complain a lot and have loud voices, that's about it.

That being said, I'm sick of playing COD, I bought 3 in the last 4 years and barely played MW2 and Black Ops before moving on.

We spend al our time fighting amongst ourselves about the better system or sharper texture, etc. Maybe if we worked together devs would listen. We do probably represent the majority of early/new adopters.

Hicken2756d ago

High sales doesn't mean it's the most loved.

How often do you see someone spend big bucks on something and then admit it's crap? Especially if there's nothing they can do to get their money back?

gypsygib2756d ago

Your right in some cases - I'm sure there's a lot of Kinect Regret out there.

But I'm pretty sure the COD series gets a lot of repeat sales...and happy customers.

If people didn't like it, it wouldn't have sold so well for so consistently. I think if a lot of people had buyers remorse it would have been popular, then sales would have died down (like Move or Kinect). COD sales increase year after year.

Hicken2756d ago

A lot of people DO enjoy it. But... they SHOULDN'T. They're satisfied with what is arguably a sub-par experience, and before you can tell them that, they're brainwashed into thinking that it's good.

It's like someone who's institutionalized: they SHOULDN'T want to be in prison, but they're so used to it that it's the only thing they can enjoy.

CaptCalvin2756d ago

Sad but true. The majority of gamers nowadays are mentally challenged and don't give a flying toss about whether or not they're being ripped off or caring about what is happening with the industry, which is why we don't see many of them on here.

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