Call of Duty 4 - Exclusive Making of Crash

It all starts with a pencil and some paper.

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Jinxstar4053d ago

I cant believe no one has commented here yet. This is really cool. Like Bukara Market or something... This game will be amazing. The tech and time sepnt in it is amazing. I almost had a flash back the first time I saw a trailer.

DJ4053d ago

and it's so true. EVERYTHING starts with pen(cil) and paper. =] This game's gonna be so sick!! Can't wait to play online with people from this site. 'Deep' is crazy good at Warhawk, in case you guys ever get to play with/against him.

PSN ID: LoveHateTragedy

jaja14344053d ago

Pencil and paper enh? Step into the future my friend, invest into some tablets or slates! :)