Bye Bye Gamestop We Hardly Knew Ye

The future is in digital downloads my fellow gamers, the days of physically going to retail stores to purchase a game will soon be a thing of the past if gaming publishers like Paradox continues to abandon the mighty retail platform.

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SeanScythe2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

This sums it up I think.

EYEamNUMBER12662d ago

gamestop ain't going anywhere and as long as my money has a say in the matter it will always be here and i will always support physical media

gamestop might not be the best gamestore out there but i would choose to support it over an all digital future any day

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2662d ago

why support them when you could go to any other store Best Buy/Target/Wal Mart/AMAZON and get stuff cheaper and brand new most of the time.

disc replay, or even craigslist would be a better alternative than using gamestop. I would rather go to yard sales looking for games rather than step foot in gamestop

Elimin82662d ago

I prefer Digital DL over Gamestop.. Anything is better than them..

TBM2662d ago

Not that im against DD, but I don't see the value for me. For me DD doesn't have any trade-in value, and im paying full price for them.

The only way I full support DD is that the games will have to be $15-20 at most. If full fledged game are this price then i'll support DD, if not physical media it will be.

paradigmfellow2662d ago

I hate digital downloads. I will stop being a gamer when games go fully downloadable.

webbsod2663d ago

it is largely up to the console makers. the only people that sell the console's are the game sellers. the console sellers such as target bestbuy do not make much off the console alone they make there money on the bundles the accessories and games. you can buy old games on xbox 360 but not new ones because if they sell new ones they are taking profits away from the people that sell and promote there units. they both need each other and as such it is not totally going away for now. some game stores already push ps3 games over xbox games due to them selling the games on there system sooner then game stores would like. helping to reduce there sales and used game sales which create a lot of profit for gamestores.

Gunshot2663d ago

I agree, which is why Gamestop needs to step it up.

Disccordia2662d ago

If we go all digital it is us the gamers that will lose out. One look at the PSN and XBL stores sees that in the UK the games are selling at their RRP of £49.99. However, you'll never find games sell for their RRP in a retail store and at least with a physical copy, it feels like you're actually buying... something.

Plus I can't trade any games in towards my new one.

Ser2662d ago

The day that video games go digital only is the same day that I stop gaming.

I'll stick with physical copies, thanks.

SilentNegotiator2662d ago

There's no true ownership in all digital. Especially in streaming like with Onlive.

I must own the game I purchase. I will take a physical copy, thank you very much.

That's why I will NEVER support things like EA/PSN pass. Our ownership rights are being squeezed, and I don't like it. I should be able to play MY copy on ANY system.

zero_gamer2662d ago

Major ISP bandwidth caps are on the rise and an all digital future will make this a major issue. It's already an issue when people stream from Netflix on a regular basis. Not good at all. Plus it can take hours to download a massive game.

Ducky2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

... but do you really 'own' a physical copy? (Barring all the legal jargon they stuff into the thing)

You can't play your copy on any system, you can only play it on one specific manufacturer's system dictated by the copy you bought.
If in the future, the manufacturer decides to abandon backward compatibility, then you more or less own a useless copy.

There is no true ownership at all no matter which domain you pick. You'll always be at someone's mercy.

As for the popularity of digital, it's mostly popular on PC due to it's practicality. I can buy a collection of games and access them from virtually any PC. (Helpful for small 'casual' games)
For consoles though, I don't see digital providing any real benefits aside from saving a trip to the shop at the cost of not being able to sell it used.

zero_gamer2662d ago

I agree, well to be honest I may compromise with an all digital download future, but that may not happen any time within the next decade. Cloud computing gaming however is something I'll boycott. Even if OnLive is the last company on earth I would go out of my way and start my own company to compete with them before I would buy into their service.

scepter2662d ago

pc games should be digital only or stuff u buy off psn or xbox live not full ass on games for consoles go digital thats like 5 years away at least americas telecommunications lines are 5-8 years behind swedens internet speeds in sweden could handle cloud gaming right now but not usa

TapiocaMilkTea2662d ago

I can also get physical copies from amazon at a lower price, don't forget the other side of the battle.

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