Risk Factions Brings Donkey Cannons and Cat Dander Bombs to Facebook

The rage-inducing, world-domination strategy game Risk is no longer relegated to long nights in the living room with family and friends. Building upon the success the XBLA version, Risk: Factions is going to the change the way you challenge your friends to games on Facebook.

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jmobley3636d ago

always wanted to try this game. wonder if it's any good?

pungello883636d ago

I used to play Risk non-stop at summer camp, I'll probably check this out

jmobley3636d ago

used to play a lot with a buddy of mine in summer day care when we were kids

TinaLauro3636d ago

Humour combined with strategy- I'm going to adore this game!

GetoverHere1223636d ago

If you don't play a game that lasts 8 hours, I'm not interested.

pungello883635d ago

Haha yeah Risk games take forever to complete

DangerousDanMcGrew3635d ago

Well you've gotta have a donkey cannon. Naturally.

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