EA Highlights Origin System Connectivity

EA showcased their Origin distribution system at their Summer Showcase this year and players will be able to connect with friends on multiple devices to enjoy gaming even more, and on the go. Check out the news below.

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lolpidian2658d ago

Origin was a great company. It turned into a "social network" in the hands of EA... Such a shame.

jmobley2658d ago

I actually didn't know they existed before this. learn something everyday

DangerousDanMcGrew2658d ago

Me either actually. Sneakily in the background. Like Solid Snake.

lolpidian2658d ago

Wing Commander, Ultima...

honestpizza2658d ago

I don't know. This looks like it could have some potential. I like how its across so many different platforms. I just with we could have this on consoles.

GetoverHere1222658d ago

I'm definitely sticking with Steam as well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, don't go use another service

TinaLauro2658d ago

I'm all for any use of social interaction in gaming, and I'm totally willing to give Origin a try. It may win me over!

DanielComfort2658d ago

Hearing "Origin" really does make me cringe, nowadays. I mean... Ultima, Privateer, System Shock. Great titles. And now, this.