Are Critics Killing The Traditional RPG?

PSX Extreme - Sadly, traditional RPGs really aren't what they used to be. That's true. But there is one phenomenon that may indicate something different.

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Bigpappy2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

So when did JRPG's become 'traditional' RPG's? WRPG are traditional also. JRPG's got their foot hold on the consoles before WRPG's, but the latter has been on PC long before consoles made any traction.

But yes, the Critics in the media are helping to Kill JRPG's. There is no conspericy though, it is just that WRPG's have evolved more and when you go back to JRPG's they feel too familiar. JRPG developers need to add, not take away like they did with FF13, features that will excite their fanbase and at the same time attract new JRPG fans.

Staying to with the same formula for 20 yrs is the biggest killer to the genre. Don't give the media too much credit. The developers are the ones screwing up.

MaideninBlack2749d ago

No. Casual gamers are killing the traditional rpg.

Take White Knight Chronicles, for instance. WKC require losts of grinding online. While hardcore rpg fans don't mind the extra devotion required to enjoy that kind of gameplay, the first-person shooter loving society of critics won't bother exploring that portion of the game. (IGN even admited they didn't touch the online mode in WKC for their review, which is tantamount to an incomplete review ).

On the other hand give them a game where all you have to do is target,shoot, and toss a grenade to advance online in every first person shooter this gen and they're all for it.

Pozzle2749d ago

There have been a fair few great JRPGs this generation, but many of them have been swamped by mediocre, generic, paint-by-numbers JRPGs. So unless your game is named "Final Fantasy", it's hard to get noticed, because so many other JRPGs are vying for attention at the same time.

Resonance of Fate is a good example. It was a great game with interesting characters and a rich, explorable world. But it got released around FFXIII's Japanese release date, and a bunch of other JRPGs too. So nobody paid it the attention it deserved, because it looked like any other JRPG on the market (even though it wasn't).

firemassacre2749d ago

try to kill them all you want but they will neva die...
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labaronx2749d ago

isnt the main problem that JRPGs are exactly what they have been, and people are expecting to much change from what makes them unique?