IGN - Is Fable: The Journey Really a Fable Game?

IGN - The new Kinect title seems to be missing a few key factors.

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Mottsy2660d ago

After fable 1 we saw a down hill slope direction of the game. so this shouldnt really come as any surprise.

EVILDEAD3602660d ago

LOL @ IGN pretending THAT was the private demo. It's the same one he showed on stage. When Peter took the demo to G4TV the game looked infinately better.

It's hilarious that EVEN IGN couldn't do enough research on what was shown at E3 that the article is in pure speculation.

Bottomline..the E3 stage presentation and the demo brought took all the navigation out to ensure there were no mistakes

It's a shame that the media is stooping down to fan kid level to bash the game.

The game is CLEARLY a Spin-off in the Fable universe. But, even IGN is pretending this is Fable 4 and is doing a one for one comparison of the past games.

What is the clearest indication of bias was the crazy flack the game is taking for usung a horse to travel. For one, the main character actually OWN a Horse caravan. Two, it's a first person game, so you control the reigns (already done on Kinect w/ Motion Sports). Finally, NO ONE cared that last year's Red Dead Redemption (GOTY) primarily used a horse to travel the entire game. (But, is pushing 'A' button a bunch of times even close to the immersion of motion controls?)

Where the article fails is the author knows NOTHING as little about the story as any of os, but he's already made up his mind that he won't even 'care' to play the entire game all the way through using motion controls??

So, basically this guy has already shown his complete bias against the game which won't even release for an entire year and a half from now.

It's clear Peter learned his lesson as even he seemed suprised by the backlash. He can say the game isn't on-rails 20 times a day and people will still report it.

G4TV's coverage convinced me that the game has the potential to be a unique experience. But proof is in the pudding and when the game shows at next year's E3 we'll all know how good it actually is.


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