Arma 3 is looking awesome

Arma3 is displaying some excellent graphics and improved gameplay.

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ATiElite2752d ago

I demand it be released today. Or at the very least show us more footage at Gamescon.

Battlefield 3, Arma 3, Red Orchestra 2 Team Fortress 2 pretty much sums up my Online FPS line-up.

and don't forget kiddies Arma 2 is Free 2 Play

hiredhelp2752d ago

WOW guy just said thanks to DICE end think 10 seconds wow did they have a hand in it. Looks great thoe.

ConanOBrien2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Visually great but not physically realistic (yet). Points to think about:

1. It feels like moon-gravity instead of earth-gravity physics. The tank hits heavy boxes, but it feels like cardboard boxes.
2. Jumpsuits don't move and grasses don't sway when the helo takes off, more debris effects needed.
3. Physics with no structure damages (bends, cracks, blabla) = unrealistic
4. Sniper's optic looks too sterile, no dirts or scratches.
5. Explosions could be better.

Just lookin'. Nxt gen, are u there?

pr0digyZA2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

well luckily they are still working on it, as he said when the boxes moved that there was work to be done. He also said all buildings are enterable and destructible.

Angels37852752d ago

This looks sick!!!! Now I don't have to play anymore of that Operation flashpoint BS. ARMA's where its at!!!!!!!!!!!!


ArmA 3 is going to be the most realistic Military Shooter.

BF3 is behind.

MW3 is...Well, is not even worth to mention.

kaveti66162752d ago

Refrain from being a troll/hater, please.

bumnut2752d ago

Sometimes if a game is too realistic, it removes the fun. BF3 looks like a nice balance between fun and realism.

Angels37852751d ago

While I kinda agree, Because I like the realistic feel of ARMA. Look at the new flashpoint games. those are too realistic and they do in fact REMOVE the fun. Also if I remember correctly ARMA 2 was a buggy mess with some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard, but it was fun. It looks like they are going for the ultra realistic while adding tons of diversity, so It looks to be sweet!

ViserysTargaryen2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

There is no question that ARMA is the premier military sim, and yeah the graphics are great but what they really need to work on is the AI and the battle chatter to complete the experience. The AI can be hilariously stupid sometimes and the combat chatter is a real mood killer. It's hard for me to be immersed in the realistic combat when my squad mates are shouting emotionless lines like...

Enemy. Riflemen. Spotted. 30 meters.
Enemy. Tank. Spotted. 200 yards.
Oh. Shit. I. Am. Stuck. In a. Fence.

VenomousFlower2752d ago

As long as my character sounds like a chipmunk I'll remain happy lol.