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TheMrMadzen2658d ago

God dammit I want this game so bad!

Deadly_Sinner2657d ago

Hell! This game is looking better and better every time I see it!

RPG of The Year!!!

Miiikeyyy2657d ago

Still gotta finish Demon's souls ><

MidnytRain2657d ago

You never will. LOL, I kid...

Miiikeyyy2657d ago

I'm playing it right now, Sometimes I feel like I'm getting nowhere XD Killed 2 more bosses so I'm starting to feel a bit of hope

zero_cool2657d ago

Dark Souls=hours of endless fun

BioDemon-2657d ago

Can't wait!! And I can actually get achievements for my pain this time! xD (Don't care much for trophies)

Deadly_Sinner2657d ago

This game is so addictive! I have finished this twice, and I still have not uncovered all of its secrets.

Dark Souls cannot come soon enough!