Heroes of Champions Online Can Now Hide in their Hideouts

Player housing has always been a big deal in MMORPGs, that’s why it always generates a sizable amount of buzz when it gets implemented in a game that was previously lacking in that department.
Today is the turn of Champions Online to let it’s players find a place to call home, with the implementation of Hideouts.

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Motorola2660d ago

Hiding in a Hideout? Unheard of. lol jk
OT: This is good news. I play the game often

sam22362660d ago

Cool! Definitely going to check this out.

Abriael2660d ago

Despite the rocky start it's actually gotten much better now, one of the MMORPGs i consider worth playing nowadays.

Bolts2660d ago

Yeah housing is great for the dozens of people who are unfortunate enough to still maintain a sub for this game. I don't know about the PS3 but the PC servers are virtual ghost towns.

Abriael2659d ago

You must be confusing the game with DC Universe Online. Champions online doesn't even have a PS3 version, and the server is nicely full,especially since the rlaunch on steam.