The Uncharted Film Finds A New Director

Director David O. Russell has been replaced by Limitless director Neil Burger on the upcoming Uncharted movie. This isn't too much of a surprise really as the film has been plagued from day one. When it was announced that Mark Wahlberg would be playing Nathan Drake, fans of the videogame were outraged. There was a lot of backlash and a negative buzz started circling the project.

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MrSpace2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I have to admit I'm pretty alright with this so far, the guy has done well with the films he's done The Illusionist was great, The Lucky ones was decent and Limitless was amazing.

However does the guy like video games? Will he respect the source material? Will he play on Uncharted non stop before he writes/directs it?....

These are the things he needs to do or things NaughtyDog should tell him to do before he starts work on it, it's the only way the film stands a chance to not end up like the rest of video game adaptations.

Oh and getting Nolan North, Richard McGonagle, Emily Rose in this as the main characters AND get big stars (for star power/promotional reasons) to play the villains would be sweet :)

Nitrowolf22661d ago

Limitless was actually pretty good. I will wait until i hear the plot hopefully it sticks to its original roots.

NewMonday2661d ago

hope they pick Ryan Reynolds for the lead, he can do humor and action.

ReservoirDog3162661d ago

I hope the above is joking.

And The Lucky Ones was decent but had potential. I think what kills it was that he was the writer/director/producer. No one was above him to point out the flaws. Otherwise it would've been pretty good.

In the end though, I doubt this will go too well truthfully.

RBdrift2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


thorstein2661d ago

@ newmonday

No. Nathan Fillion. He has the look of Drake and certainly can play the role well. Rent the Firefly series and you will know why he is a perfect fit.

While I like Nolan North too, I just don't think he is as good an actor.... voice sure, but we are talking screen presence.

ikkokucrisis2661d ago

I still don't understand why this game title is being made into a movie.

The single player experience is practically the best interactive movie out there.

Why give away your best story plot ideas for a 1 1/2 hour subpar low budget experience??

Nitrowolf22661d ago

Rey Reynold????? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!


I agree, but Hollywood see's as something else. It's stupid. The game doesn't need the movie and thats that.

Now there are only two games that I would love to see a movie on and those are HALO and MGS.
MGS is such a huge Universe somuch can be done, and Halo live action commercial are just beautiful. As long as the directors are Hideo Kojima and the guys behind Halo.

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Lifendz2661d ago

No prob with the director. I like the idea of getting Bradley Cooper more than I did Mark Wahlberg. Just sorta feels like Cooper might be too much of a pretty boy to play Nathan Drake. Still very intriguing news.

MrSpace2661d ago

Totaly forgot about Bradley Cooper...he would be the next best thing. He actualy sounds and acts like Drake in some moments.

Since he did Limitless he could be Neil's first choice

Lifendz2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Fillon certainly resembles Drake...but I'm not sure he's a big enough star to carry the movie. And can he be the charasmatic ladies man that Drake is? He also doesn't look to be in the best of shape (then again Cooper might be in too good a shape to be Nathan Drake).

ToastyMcNibbles2661d ago

Bradley Cooper FTW! Looks and sounds like Drake. He has that charm that I feel Nathan Fillion just doesn't have.

extermin8or2661d ago

bradley cooper would be a good drake I think he was very good in limitless :)

RBdrift2661d ago

I like Nathon Fillion but can people realize that he's never going to get picked. First reason he has zero star power,second he's old and isn't good for business especially since im sure there going to try and aim this movie to the pirates of the carribean demographic.

thorstein2661d ago

@those that doubt Fillion:

Please watch the Firefly series in the correct order (eff you FOX) and you will see why he is the perfect fit. Old? He is 39. How is that old?

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ksense2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I highly doubt they will use any of the voice actors of uncharted game in the movie.

I am happy as long as Marky Mark is not playing Drake and the story stays true to the uncharted universe.

FlashBack2661d ago

Emily Rose would be perfect for Elena at least

WhiteLightning2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Are people still hanging on to this Nathan Fillion crap. I would pick Nolan North over Fillion anytime

Fillion is Mal
Nolan is Drake

Firefly got a movie and Mal was played by his actor Fillion

If Uncharted was allowed to have the voice actors then Nolan should be allowed to play his part Nathan Drake

Let the guy have his big break. We owe it to him for making Uncharted what it is with bringing Drake to life.

People forgetting that this is Hollywood, they could use Make up to make Nolan look younger or that CGI sutff they did for Jeff Bridges in TRON Legacy. Oh and for the "out of shape" issue, the studio would tell him to bulk up and put him on a strict diet/exercise program

FlashBack2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Yeah I also wouldn't really like him as Drake.
My choices would be:

Burn Notice even resembles uncharted in some ways.Team of three 2 guys one girl, one of the guys is older.

Lifendz2661d ago

Prob with casting Nolan North is that the mainstream movie-going audience says "who?" when his name is announced as the leading man, while all us gamers give each other high fives.

The Uncharted brand isn't like Batman or Spiderman in that it's so well known you don't need a big name because people just want to see the new Batman or Spiderman movie. You're going to need a big name star to get people intrigued. Cooper is that. Fillon is that to a much lesser extent. Nolan North is a voice actor for videogames. Not happening.

thorstein2661d ago

@ Life

I get the Spidey reference but Batman? The first Batmovies had a household name (at the time) in Micheal Keaton and Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and the venerable Adam West. The latest is Christian Bale.

Just sayin.

Lifendz2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


Not sure what your point is. Spiderman and Batman were both incredibly well known franchises at the time of their first modern full-length feature films...and not only with their respective comic book audiences but with the mainstream as a whole. Surely you're not saying Uncharted enjoys the same sort of recognition among the general public.

But to return to my point, Spiderman, for example, did incredibly well with the relatively unknown Toby Maguire playing the lead role. Batman, with the fairly well known Michael Keaton as it's leading man, did equally well and was a cultural phenom of sorts when the Keaton movies came out. I'm out of bubbles at this point but I'm not sure which franchise you were trying to disagree with me about? My point was simply that those two franchises transcended the actor playing their respective leading roles because they were, and are, so established and recognized by the mainstream public and not just the comic book audience. That's not true with Uncharted unless you're talking about gamers and not the mainstream public.

Just saying.

thorstein2660d ago


AH! Ok. I guess I misread. I thought you were stating that the actors for both Spiderman AND Batman were relatively unknowns. My mistake.

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trainsinrdr2661d ago

Game movies should stop being made they all suck.

Kran2661d ago

Not all. Silent Hill was pretty good. So was Resident Evil (the first film anyway)

sikbeta2661d ago

Silent Hill was kind of good and ironically the RE movies are more successful than the games now, maybe that's why Capcom keeps adding stuff from the movies and not the other way...

Lifendz2661d ago

I remember thinking the first Resident Evil was pretty good but then I lost interest. Guess I also lost interest in Resident Evil games around that time so maybe it's not on the movies.

Silent Hill was very weird. Not sure why they didn't just take the script of Silent Hill 2 and use that for a film.

TheHip142661d ago

Ye Bradley Cooper for Drake is a good call

Kran2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Bradley Cooper for Drake?

Hmmmm... I could dig it. Still prefer Fillion or North though.

Better than Mark for sure.

metsgaming2661d ago

#1 Nolan North, #2 Nathan Fillion, #3 i guess bradley cooper would be an ok drake.

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