Madcatz Officially Announces Their Publishing License With Microsoft

Console Peripheral Maker Madcatz officially announced today that they will be publishing a game for the Xbox 360.

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Dlacy13g2663d ago

I wonder if this deal is part of the reason MS is trying to down play the Nyko Zoom peripheral?

GusBricker2663d ago

Does it actually work?

Is it only time until MS buys them?

gamingdroid2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Supposedly it does work, which is technically a first for MadCatz, which makes lowest quality accessories i.e. sh!t.

I really wonder how MadCatz stays in business? That is quite a feat! I must respect them for that.

Dlacy13g2663d ago

just an FYI... Nyko makes the Zoom peripheral... not Madcatz. MS earlier today was warning against using the Zoom but all accounts say it works well.

Gray-Fox-Type02663d ago

Hmm flight sims well microsoft flight simulator will be nice :D the long running flight sim on PC.

hiredhelp2663d ago

? microsoft studios wasnt it.

gamingdroid2663d ago

What does publishing a game has to do with an accessory for Kinect?

omi25p2663d ago

Never knew they made games

BakedGoods2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They don't, that's why this one will be terrible, heh.

dazreah2663d ago

Like i said in the last article lets give them a chance first before we start bashing them. They have to start somewhere just like everyone else.

DarkTower8052663d ago

Probably a hardware/software game like DJ Hero. Not saying it will be music related, but I'm sure Madcatz will be pushing some type of hardware along with their game.

zerocrossing2663d ago

If their games are as good as their controllers we could be in for a treat.

ainsz2663d ago

So Microsoft's got Mad Catz and Sony's got 4 Gamers. I'm glad 4 Gamers are sticking to peripherals.

lazertroy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Kinect peripherals?

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The story is too old to be commented.