Sony Tightens Up Defences Against Pirates And Leakers, Targets Employees

An internal memo issued by Sony has been leaked, somewhat ironically, that details Sony's new policy when it comes to fighting piracy and leakers by scanning their employees.

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trainsinrdr2660d ago

I smell smarties subway cookies xD

consolez_FTW2660d ago

This is great Sony stepping up their security. It sucks that some Sony employee's would even leak stuff. If I had a job at Sony I would never risk losing it by leaking stuff.

bebojet2660d ago

Hopefully this means guys like us will have a better chance in working for them.

gamingdroid2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It's terrible people would steal from their employer and even worse risk their job for it.

That said, this is the same approach our government is taking, treat every citizen as a suspect or terrorist. Yet, we see how well that is taken by the public.

One of the things I think Sony did right, is to leave the game studios independent, but this (albeit not related to game studios) is not conducive to a productive and comfortable work environment. Don't chase your talent away!

Arksine2660d ago

I have worked for two employers that do similar scans on employees. Its not uncommon for tech based companies. Its not that big of a deal, and it doesn't make everyone feel like they are a suspect or terrorist.

Pl4sm42660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

this is sad .... people stop ur freaking use of sony's motto's and symbols to say they are dead ... Sony will still be there 500 years from now .... so get over it freaking jealous douchefaces

MasterCornholio2660d ago

Great that Sony has learnt a lot from the hacks. And hopefully PSN wont get hacked again.

Blacksand12660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Yeah! Maybe that's how the key got in hacker's hands, because of somebody on the inside gave it out.

Thecraft19892660d ago

That's exactly how both ps3 and psp where hacked to some degree.

The PSP got hacked because a psp was sent to be repaired and they used Sony official service memory stick ( jig stick ) and they left this in. Unlucky this ended up in the wrong hands.

Ps3 is a lot more complicated as bits are not known due to secrecy of PS jailbreak company. It is known the jig stick was again left in the ps3 usb port these files ended up on the internet. But stuff was missing. 6 months later came the PS jailbreak who had managed to get service mode working (that's what jig is for ) then came the ability to access Dev mode then came CFW.

both times Sony employees caused piracy to some degree on both platforms.

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The story is too old to be commented.