Crysis DirectX 11 Godlike?

You were one of those who complained that Crysis 2 was "nerf" to run on consoles?
Complained that the textures were blurry?
I thought Crysis was an infinitely superior?

Think again!

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Mr_Lu_Kim2659d ago

Even though you are a no good, fanboy, retard, troll I do have to agree with you --- this time -_-

Crysis 2 DX11 was just an afterthought tacked on, not biult for DX11 from the ground up the way we expected it should be.

The multiplayer while having more people playing it didnt hold a candle to Crysis and Crysis wars multiplayer either.

Sad game that disappointed PC gamers and buzzed console kids.

bumnut2659d ago

Personally, I think Witcher 2 looks better and that is DX 9.

pr0digyZA2659d ago

Those shots at the bottom of the page were really good especially the bricks, I can see the day when we play games in the future and look back at these older games and laugh because things like the walls were flat and not moulded.

ATiElite2659d ago

Nope not even close. But it does look great for a DX9 game with DX11 stapled on.

I got a GTAIV mod that looks this good minus the tessellation. Crysis 1 Reality mod looks better.

BF3 is gonna kill it.

Angels37852659d ago

What mod are you using for GTA IV? Does it improve the performance in the game? What about the Reality mod? Does that Improve Crysis performance? You're an ATI guy? Same here :) On topic: I agree this game doesn't beat the original Crysis. There is even a vid on youtube that compares coding, environmental effects, and appearance of CE2 and CE3. With the way BF3 is looking its probably gonna beat EVERYTHING.

ATiElite2659d ago

The reality mod for Crysis adds a lot more Textures so you will still need a beefy PC to run it.

I got like a bunch of GTA mods running and one of the mods helps with performance while cause the texture mods really put a strain on resources. sorry i don't know the names of the GTA mods but just google it....or go to

Corrwin2659d ago

Not really, looks exactly the same as Direct X 10, but with some optimized shaders.

ViserysTargaryen2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

LOL typical hardcore PC gamers, so hard to please. It takes a special brand elitism that say that Crysis 2 with all trimmings isn't good enough.

Mr_Lu_Kim2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

It takes a special kind of ignorance to see why it so isn't good enough.

-Shorter and less open campaign.

-Smaller and less open multiplayer - no vehicles at all

-Worse graphics than its 2007 predecessor and DX9 based game with 3 or 4 small DX11 enhancements modded in 6 months after release is not the same as a ground up DX11 experience

-Practically "Call of Crysis" all over it.

You might call us "Elitists" but I just say that us PC gamers get used to games getting better over the course of 4 years not going backwards and that's what we got with Crysis 2.

ViserysTargaryen2659d ago

You should be used to it by now? Crysis 2 is a muliplat game. I knew that coming in and lowered my expectations from day 1. In fact there's a game called Crysis Warhead that should've clued you in on whats to come. Crysis 2 is nothing more than a continuation of that design choice married with a bunch of baseless hype.

Sounds to me like you bought into the hype. Not like anyone is forcing you to use Crytek's textures anyways, just download community's high res textures if the vanilla isn't worthy enough for you.

Regardless this version of Crysis 2 still looks and play five times better than the console version, which is good enough for me.

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