The World of Tomorrow: Gaming in 2050

A recent feature in Focus, a British science and technology magazine, peeked into the world of 2050 and tried to fathom how our lives (work, rest, and play) would have changed thanks to technology, and of course, it explored how video games would evolve in the next 40 years. Read on to delve into the future of our beloved hobby.

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ChaingunPope2661d ago

Interesting read. To think I'll be nearly 60 when 2050 hits... Video games are going to evolve like crazy by then with Moor's Law and all that.

ddkshah2661d ago

in less than 10 yrs moore's law will be dead and cpu's and gpu's will prob. be one.

maxcavsm2661d ago

Oi, vey. I can't believe Dragon's Lair is on my iPhone, and that was 20 years ago.