In Tokyo, arcade games use real cars

Imagine that you're strapped down in a full-scale Toyota Trueno, Subaru Impreza WRX or Mazda RX7, sweaty palms glued to the steering wheel. Your eyes are fixated on what's beyond the windshield, desperately trying to "drift" your way through the narrow Japanese countryside roads. Yes, we are referring to the Japanese cult anime Initial D. Now Sega is redefining the arcade gaming experience with its life-sized Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited system.

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games4fun4001d ago

pretty cool, if the car is really good i might just play to look at the interrior

mariusmal4001d ago

i saw a video inside the car. and it's almost the real one. what more can be said ? Initial D rules.

Bladestar4001d ago

I love this! I wan't one!... now I only have to figure out where I am going to get the money to buy this.. and where will I put it... it does require lots of room... unless of course.. I simply buy the car.. and drive it... in real life.

level 3604001d ago

We had one being previewed at the Sydney Motor show just last month - a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO ( latest version ) using the Forza2 as the game basis.
Kids and adults were just lining-up to get a taste of what it would be
like to actually be driving behind the wheel of a real car, but looking-out
of a big plasma/lcd race track.
But it sure must be really expensive to maintain one. Dings and scratches
would surely be a daily occurance.