Red Faction Armageddon Review (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "Environmental destruction has been a staple of the Red Faction series since it emerged in 2001. Though blasting away buildings is just as fun now as it was ten years ago, Red Faction: Armageddon has unfortunately joined the ranks of a slew of other unremarkable modern shooters. This title settles for mediocrity, as the excellent destructible environments fail to redeem the game’s repetitive play and its bland, uninspired narrative."

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Dash Reindeer2752d ago

Was looking forward to this

EazyC2752d ago

That's the thing with games that don't surpass 80% averages, they just fall into oblivion, forgotton for eternity!

IRetrouk2752d ago

have played a little, so far its very good, not the same as the last one, but its more scripted and the story so far is ok too.

aquamala2752d ago

Seems like for half of the game you are in this same underground tunnel, why not more outside environments?

IRetrouk2752d ago

its part of the story, you start off above ground, something happens and you end up underground, then something else happens and the aliens start coming, its all to do with the story.

pr0digyZA2752d ago

I just clicked when trying freespace 2 that volition made that, they should really try making a third of that game.

bearsfaan2752d ago

Sounds like I'll pass on this one.