How to Tell You're Playing a Bad Game

gamrFeed writes:-
"Games cost a lot of money. Of course, if you're the kind of person who regularly visits this site, you probably already knew that. More so than any other entertainment media, being an ardent video game enthusiast requires you to spend the big bucks, and rather frequently. Since you have to shell out often $60 or upwards for each new release, we as gamers need to be informed beforehand that our purchase is a wise investment. That's why we at gamrFeed have put together this handy guide to make sure you never have to spend money on a bad game again."

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Hanif-8762713d ago

GTA IV is one of my favorite games and it also offers alot of bang for your buck. The story mode alone is over 30 hours long and there's even a Trophy/Achievement if you complete it under the 30 hour mark. Also, the side missions will put this game over a 100+ so if there is a game that could be well worth over $100 its GTA IV.

mttrackmaster382713d ago

To be honest the side missions are boring, the driving is cumbersome, and the shooting mechanics are crapmatical. That said the story and the immersion of the city are top notch.

Hanif-8762713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but personally GTA IV is pure awesome and its the type of game that even after completion you can still have alot of fun in the city...which in fact still is the most immersive city in gaming.

Kleptic2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

this article is tired...his sense of sarcasm makes it difficult to tell if he is kidding or not...

there is a reason that 'journalists' never seem to bring up the true points of why the intelligent consumers see the media side of gaming as broken...because when they do, they start to realize just how non-unified the entire thing is...

Instead we get these...a handful of 'your expectations are too high' BS articles daily, and that its the gamers fault, not the journalists...

but take 5 minutes from ANY review site and you'll see just how messed up it is...This guy is crying about 'objective' reviews, and how great game reviewers are at objectively detailing any game's worth...and that is EXACTLY where ALL of them fail...its never just objective, and we all understand it can't be...but the subjectiveness of any single reviewer nearly always contradicts itself in his own writing...

killzone 3 for example...constant reviews clearly stating 'its better than killzone 2'...yet giving it a lower score...if that doesn't speak volumes of the gaming media this generation, than I don't know what does...

raWfodog2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It's the only GTA since III that I haven't finished. It's a good game but I got bored after just opening the 2nd island. I think it was all those 'hangout' calls. Even though I turned off the cellphone, I still got bored with it. One day, I'll probably go back just to finish the story.

I liked the multiplayer though.

Funny article too :)

MrDead2713d ago


The driving and car handling was one of the best things about the game, just driving from A-B was fantastic as you never knew what scrapes you'll get in and the police chases where epic. As for the shooting I thought it was quick and simple, one bullet to the head and your done.

BattleAxe2713d ago

The author of the article has obviously never heard of Steam. I usually pay between $5 and $15 for a game. Even if the game is $19.99, I'll wait for at least 25% off before I buy it. Steam massively reduces your gaming costs on a "per game" basis, but of course the deals are so good that you end up buying tons of games lol.

TyrionL2713d ago

@ raWfodog
I here so many people complain about this game for that reason. You all know you can turn the phone off right? You can keep it off the whole time and never get one of those calls. If you didn't know that try it again with the phone off, and if that’s the only reason you didn't like it then you should be good to go now. The story is pretty good if you finish it.

raWfodog2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@ TyrionL
I already said that I turned the cellphone off. I still got bored with the game. I don't doubt that its a good story but I lost interest. I also said that I would go back and finish it one day.

What part of my post did you read?

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I can't possibly be the only one who stopped playing it in a week and felt like was completely done with it.

Good satire.
Sarcastically, most of it is true. But some points are ironically wrong.
Funny overall :)

SilentNegotiator2713d ago

"your bored"

My bored....what?

lol, I are grammer natsi.

BitbyDeath2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

He said grammar not spelling.
"Nazi" "Grammar"

Im, the. spelling; nazi!!!

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago

That would be "Nazi" :P

Ok I'm done with this lol

Dee_912713d ago

How to tell if im playing a bad game ?

umm wen i stick it in and play and it sucks ?
i dont need a site telling if a game is bad or not . . :|

Perjoss2712d ago

as far as open world games go, I think the driving mechanics could not have been better, big heavy vehicles behaved perfectly and never went flying if you colided with them in a smaller car. Classic and older cars had horrible spongy suspension just like they should, muscle type cars were fast but didn't handle too well.

Only real complaint I had was the bikes were quite rubbish, they improved them a little in tLaD though. Overall I thought the driving was much more fun than the on-foot controls.

SephirothX212712d ago

GTA IV is my favourite game this gen. I know most won't agree with me but that's my honest opinion. It had its problems and there are plenty of improvements to be made. More content needs to be added with the next instalment. I think the driving could have been better but it was not cumbersome. The physics made the game so much fun as crashing into cars was always enjoyable. I think GTA V will mix the best of GTA IV with the best of San Andreas and that formula would be unbeatable.

waltercross2712d ago

I Still play GTA4, I Kill people, car chases etc, It's a blast!.

I already passed the game along long time ago, I Load my completed game and just go on killing sprees. :)

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metsgaming2713d ago

the fact that they tell people to use review scores is a complete joke. Lame article not reading any further.

badz1492713d ago

it's made to be funny.

but on a serious note; I buy games I'm interested in. and the only indication for me that I'm playing a bad game is when I feel I don't want to finish it!

Bell Boy2713d ago

gta iv for me was that bad game I played 2 hours and was bored stupid ( i loved vice city)

got it traded toot sweet for heavenly sword which I loved

bloodybutcher2713d ago

hmm,for me HS had bit boring gameplay,only cutscenes kept my interest....gta4 i still have and still play from time to time.story was good,gameplay ok,MP great.

showtimefolks2713d ago

but gta4 is not a bad game. Personally i played GTA4 first than went to play saints row 2 and honest opinion i had more fun with SR2.

I feel like RS went for realistic feel and left a lot of what was fun about past GTA games out of GTA4. It got 10/10 but if you ask those same review sites to review it again it will be 7.5-8/10.


fatalred alarm2712d ago

Steam says i used 75 minutes of my time in Homefront as off now.

Sounds like it wasn't worth the 60 bucks :(.

scalade092712d ago

you paid full price for a game on STEAM?? noob

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BeardedGamerShow2713d ago

Hilarious. It's gotta be satire, but also a keen indictment of what's inherently wrong with grading video games with a numeric score.

coolbeans2713d ago

I fail to see using a numerical score as "wrong". It's the over-examination of said scores by people that seems to be the problem. Real gamers rarely focus on scores as the sole judge as to whether or not they should buy the game. I see it as a culmination of these aspects (in order): Initial interest in the game, how much they prefer that genre, the game's main shines and smudges stated by the reviewer, and then grade.

The satire is kind of tiring in this article anyway, while also aiming at the main problem the topic revolves around.

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago

A numerical score means a game is being judged based on the best and ultimate games. But when those 10/10 games are bellow your expectations, not as fun or simply unappealing, then there's an issue.
Not to mention game journalists can also be fans(and maybe fanboys). It's hard to say that their opinion and score is unaffected by it.

A lot of people like to take these as fact. Despite them being nothing more than opinions ranging from terrible to spot on.

coolbeans2713d ago

^That is a very good point. No one is absolutely objective when it comes to reviews, but it's safe to say they'll be fair enough to point out the flaws they have noticed. The real kicker is reading or carefully listening to the reviews.

sjaakiejj2712d ago

The score system is actually quite wrong, as you can't really attach a number to the quality of a game (or a movie for that matter).

The reason is that because of scores, people are starting to believe that only games with 8 or higher are any good, whilst games that earn a 7 for instance may be far more enjoyable to you.

In fact, it would probably be better if the scores were given as:
Great ; Good ; Bad ; Terrible
That way a far broader range of games would be considered by gamers. It also gets rid of part of the reviewers subjectivity. They might even consider splitting the score up into:
Technical ; Enjoyability

To give gamers a good idea about _what_ they are rating in the game.

trainsinrdr2713d ago

Look at the logo and make sure it doesnt say activision or ea.

RagTagBnd4452712d ago

Battlefield? Mass Effect? Dead Space? Crysis?
You never had fun with one of those games?

Neckbear2713d ago

"Games are serious business, and if you're having fun that means that this game was clearly made for children, and you're above that."

Bwahahahah. Incredible article.