PSP Faceplate Button Fix Tutorial + Custom God of War PSP Modification

After you spend anywhere between USD$4.99 to USD$1725 for a PSP faceplate on eBay, you will be very surprised to see that many of the buttons that comes with the plate do not fit properly! Here is a tutorial on how to fix this problem, and it shall be very useful for new PSP buyers this holiday season.

Also check out the awesome Kratos Plate that sold for USD$1,725 on eBay.

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MikeGdaGod4053d ago


it's really really good too. i've played it about 10 times already and i've let a few of my buddies play it. they were really impressed with the graphics and how much it looks like the PS2 version. this may be the first true system seller for the PSP in the US. you simply can't miss this game.

it was worth the wait.

freakyzeeky4053d ago

I still haven't received my demo yet, hopefully it'll be in my mailbox too... Can't wait to play it! XD

ATLRoAcH4053d ago

Dude you're not alone theres a pretty good bit of people who haven't got it yet.Luckily I got it like two weeks ago.As it turns out these things take forever to get to everybody.They're shipped like super low priority or something I don't know.If you got the e-mail back in September then you will get the demo. (eventually)

Chubear4052d ago

Love it when people use their imagination. That PSP looks very sweet.