Battlefield 3: DICE want to make Recon class “a team player”

BeefJack: "One of the greatest frustrations in the Battlefield series has been when players simply treat the Recon class as no more than lone wolf snipers. Well, DICE are out “to change that perception” of the Recon class with a whole host of gameplay tweaks to make them join in the team action."

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Emilio_Estevez2663d ago

Awesome. When I snipe I always call out enemies. Not sure why you wouldn't. Wonder what the will do.

Sinterfire2663d ago

Yea me too. Whenever I'm in a squad I always go for the objective, well I guard them and call out enemies. I'll be doing the same in BF3 as well.

Yi-Long2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

... you're very vulnerable, but I love defending flags or taking out those guys in the guns who are shooting at our planes and such...

I don't really think many of my teammates actually even know what I'm doing or how many times I've sniped some enemy before he was about to kill a teammate, or blew up an incoming tank... but oh well..(!)

Kinda worried about sniping in the new BF3, but we'll see I guess.

StarWolf2663d ago

i dont call out people because i will kill them myself.

I'll probably be marking wrong areas just so i can take all the kills for myself while my team causes a distraction going somewhere else.

Heartnet2662d ago

at least your honest :)

JeffGUNZ2663d ago

I am glad they are able to ID this as an issue and work hard to fix it. That was what drew me away from BFBC2 because if my friends were not on, it was unbearable to join a random squad, with no mics, who are all sniping. It got very frustrating very quickly.

Simonkey752663d ago

Yeah, I had exactly the same frustration with Bad Company 2.

Proper class based team multiplayer always seems to work better on PC than console though. Everyone always seems to want to just treat it like CoD Team Deathmatch and play individual super-soldiers than actually play the best psition for the squad on Live.

On PC there's more of a tradition for class-based multiplayer shooters, I guess.

Heartnet2662d ago

So you managed to bring up CoD and PC in this arguement about a class in the game being a team player..

well done troll.. well done :)

DanSolo2663d ago

Yeah it will be good if they can change Recon from Sniper to actual Recon....

Sometimes a sniper is exactly what you need, but other times it would be good to have them doing some recon and helping out the team.

I know people who when they play as Recon ALWAYS forget to use the motion sensors... and it's like... how hard is it to just throw one out every 30 seconds?

And it would be nice if people in general just SPOTTED as a matter of course... me and a mate always spot, but 90% of the time we are the only ones on the team who do.

It would have been really nice if DICE had included a "hold to talk" option to speak to the entire team. So speaking as normal only speaks to your squad, but pressing and holding a button allows you to speak to the rest of team to help co-ordinate.... that just seems obvious to be honest... I have no idea why it is not included. A mute other squads option would be an easy way to cut out any annoying people so it would be win/win.

FragMnTagM2663d ago

Great ideas maybe we can suggest that talk to other squads option to DICE and it can be put into the game before it is too late. That is one thing I did not like about Bad Company 2 is that you could not talk to the other squads. It would be nice especially when you join a match and you are the only one on your squad for a minute.

sovietsoldier2663d ago

what they need to do is start to change the mind set of players from a sniper to a dmr. dmr is designated marksmen rifle soldier who is squad based where a sniper is lone wolf or works in a pair.

i don't even see a need for dmr since everyone now has a scope on there gun.

Chnswdchldrn2663d ago

sniping should just be removed from multiplayer FPS altogether imo...rarely can you make them team players

Da_Evil_Monkey2663d ago

I disagree, I think many snipers are helping their team more than you realise. They are distracting the enemy (a sniper is a nuisance), often they are killing enemies on their way to kill you, they quite often draw a lot of enemies to hunt them down.

However many of them could help a lot more: moving forward with their team, covering objectives, spotting targets (in Battlefield, or by mic in other games) and not sniping when there are another 3 or 4 snipers next to them.

caboose322663d ago

Yea, having a few snipers on a team is more helpful then not. But in Battlefields case, a lot of the time whole squads or even teams are consisted of mostly snipers, so nothing ever gets done.

But that is mostly the players fault, not the game.

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