Battleblog #2 With A Bit Of Class

Welcome to the second installment of the Battleblog, a blog series taking you all the way to the launch of Battlefield 3 on October 25th!

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callmedom942661d ago

Engineer sounds pretty sweet, being able to get a carbine

a_squirrel2661d ago

I hope they change support's symbol to something other than a + sign. People will think he's the medic.

a_squirrel2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Edit: They fixed the picture
The second one is the old one

callmedom942661d ago

I noticed that. I updated the picture, right when the blog was updated

Paradicia2661d ago

I love the idea of suppressive fire, gives. It adds so much to the realism. Props to DICE :D

SpaceSquirrel2661d ago

All four classes sound great