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mcsm2659d ago

I think it's safe to say nobody gives a fuck right?

EazyC2659d ago

What an assumption to make!
I think it looks great, really looking forward to it.
It's nice to see the devs going back to the great old skool cars from the original Drivers!

P.S-Gran Tarino? Whooo!

omi25p2658d ago

I think it's safe to say nobody give a f**k about what you have to say.

gcolley2659d ago

as long as the handling is all classic driver then i am happy. still best street handling in any game or series ever. the feeling of powersliding around a corner and then squeezing between 2 cars is still unbeatable to this day.

Zancruz2658d ago

Drifting a Viper all day.... :)