Does Dishonored deal with Game Informer spell the end of the game press’ integrity?

Games Catalyst: "When deals take place which threaten the integrity of analysis, then surely we reach a point when the games press is no longer scrutinising but acting as a conduit through which hype can only grow."

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firemassacre2661d ago

Gaming press integrity died along time ago.

ryhanon2660d ago


That said however, what exactly makes this particular exclusive preview with Game Informer any different than the countless other exclusive previews Game Informer and, dare I say, other magazines have had in the past?

I see nothing about this that makes it any different or noteworthy in any way.

What the hell is the big deal? This is common place, it has been happening for decades. It's nothing new. Get over it.

SilentNegotiator2660d ago


Now, if it was all exclusive info forever or something, THAT would be weird and worrisome. If I could ONLY get that info or any info for that game from that source, THAT would suck.

Otherwise, these little short lived exclusive previews aren't a big deal. We see them all of the time.

If you want to talk about game press integrity, or lack therefore of, there are plenty of things to discuss. But I'll leave that for another time.

joab7772660d ago

I dont get it, its a reveal, not a deal to b the only source of info before release. They made a deal to b the first...big deal. It will b scrutinized plenty. In regards to the comment, many are getting tired of the fps genre and are hoping for something refreshing. Yes, it helps sell magazines, and theres more and more competition w sites like and a constant stream of news and updates. But, they are gamers too and whats the harm in getting us hyped...we love it. This article will b long forgotten by release.

PrimordialSoupBase2660d ago

Aside from a handful of great writers - who weren't around long enough to cultivate a culture of proper journalism because developers hired them to their own ranks - integrity never really existed.

tehReaper2660d ago

I think the press in general died a long time ago. Don't even get me started on Fox News.

HereThereBeGamers2661d ago

Ha - good point! This is definitely a weird turn up for the books though...

Nate-Dog2661d ago

I think GameInformer had/have a similar deal going with Bioware and Mass Effect 3 since basically all info around the start that came out about the game came out through their magazine and website, through just magazines, articles, gameplay videos, interviews etc.

Nitrowolf22661d ago

I think Gameinfo gave the Info first. It wasn't till after that that press releases were sent.

Darth Stewie2660d ago

I was definitely expecting a bigger announcement.

Software_Lover2660d ago

Dishonesty, back door deals, "In Living Color" type shows have made Fox more famous, LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.