Vita-Chambers for BioShock Infinite? Levine “wants to get that right”

Many people criticised BioShock for its Vita-Chambers, which effectively respawned players nearby upon death. Did they make the game too easy? And will they return in BioShock Infinite? Creative director Ken Levine explains why the studio’s keeping quiet...

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firemassacre2662d ago

Vita is going to be a huge success with Bioshock Infinite backing it.

Pintheshadows2662d ago

I think you misunderstood this particular article but in general your statement is correct.

BattleAxe2662d ago

I think the VITA Chambers should have Playstation Logos on all versions of the game.

NukaCola2662d ago

Some people thought PS

What's really funny is I thought of Vita Chambers the singer. She sings a song call Young Money. I got it free from iTunes last year.

Anyway, I think the chambers were always fine, I wonder how they will work in Infinite.

Elimin82662d ago

@ firemassacre..........That' ;s what happens when you don't read! I take it you just wanted to be first in line to comment?

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xtremegamerage2662d ago

Yeah wtf,lol

But he is correct on two points, incorrect on 1.

I think the vita chambers work well tbh, they helped me out when i played on the harder level.

Jacks_Medulla2662d ago

I completely misunderstood the title the first time I read it.

FAGOL2662d ago

I never got to use them lol. My first playthrough was on easy and I didn't die. My second playthrough was on survival but I had to turn the vita chambers off in order to get the trophy. Same with Bioshock 2.

a08andan2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I do not have problem with revival mechanisms like these, as long as they fit in. If the game setting can naturally explain why these things exist, then I have no problem at all with them. Would be nice if they introduced some form of limitation, so that you cannot activate all of them, possibly as a part of a harder difficulty setting :)

Pintheshadows2662d ago

That's a good idea. Or perhaps a time limit on their usage or make them less frequent overall. As long as I can still fire bees out of my hands i'm happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.