UK Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Uncharted Double Pack boxart

Check out the UK Double Pack boxarts for Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Uncharted.

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Lylat_642658d ago

Sony EU platinum box art is hideous, they seem to get worse. They need to go back to the final PS2 platinum design.

Quagmire2658d ago

Agreed, since when did Platinum = Yellow?

That boxart looks worse than usual, like a bad photoshop job of two platinum covers just slapped on.

Absolutely disgusting, its the reason Im not interested in buying this, I'd rather buy the originals seperately, for about the same price as the bundle

ninjablaze2658d ago

don't like how $ony doing these cheap cash-ins

PirateThom2658d ago

You don't like how Sony are bundling franchises together in anticipation of sequels for a lower price?

Err.. ok.

divideby02657d ago

complaining about Sony offering a good deal to gamers is just the ultimate in stupidity....

and I thought the color comments above were weak, but pales in comparison to the other comment

sagir5672658d ago

i think that is very for gamers that wanna buy much games because they need to pay less money they need to do it with infamos 1 and 2

aPerson2658d ago

Should have included Quest for Booty in the R&C pack - unless that's what the download code is for.

LightSamus2658d ago

Yo dawg, I heard you like boxart, so we put boxarts in your boxart so you can have three boxarts at once.

PatchowPietro2657d ago

haha exactly! what were they thinnking!!

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