CVG previews Metal Gear Solid 4 - Mad story, smart controls

Seven spikes. Bad. Snake's in hiding, but his new 'threat ring' - the mysterious white circle surrounding him in recent screenshots - is flashing red to indicate incoming enemies, and 'spiking' to reflect their position - the number of peaks reflecting the number of enemies. Worried? Pah. Thanks to the streamlined controls - including a contentious FPS mode - MGS4 makes combat more intuitive, less gruelling, than ever.

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Shankle4002d ago

I don't know what controller this guy was using but I'm fairly certain my sixaxis doesn't have these q, w, e, u or o buttons....

Stormon4002d ago

I have absolutely no clue what this guy was talking about heh, i hope hes talking about the keyboard support though.

Hapimeses4002d ago

Man, I really, /really/ want this game.

Although the day my sixaxis gets a 'u' button is the day I get very confused.

HeartlesskizZ4002d ago

hahaha ill sure be the same. Imagine the game tutorials saying....
u must shoot with like "!" huh?

KDash4002d ago

cant read this stuff anymore. want this game!!!

achira4002d ago

i want this game so badly. i *** cant wait.

thereapersson4002d ago

I was really looking forward to playing it as soon as possible, and now I have to wait even longer!


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The story is too old to be commented.